Sunday, April 17, 2011

the stripped hallway

so, i am OBSESSED with the blog AbodeLove. Laurel Dawn who is the author of Abode Love has the most amazing HOME! I was so inspired by her stripped hallway that i tried it myself. My hallway is about 1/8 the size of hers and i only did about 1/2 of the stripes. it was super fun and i love painting because of the immediate gratification that you get when you touch the paint brush to the bare walls. you can change an entire room for about 18 dollars and it is so easy!

here is the stripped hallway process....

hallway before.
and there you have it. it makes such a statement in our 930 square foot home! (and tulips and an anthro, jasmine scented candle make the WHOLE house a happy, happy place!)


  1. I am blown away! I love your stripes! Thank you so much for referencing abode love! I am also a huge fan of anthro and their amazing Volcano candles... Have a great week and thank again for your blog love!

  2. it looks even better in person! LOVE IT

  3. thanks to all! more updates on our rooms are coming too! this was a BIG weekend for small changes that have made large impacts on precious rooms!