Saturday, April 23, 2011

another day in the yard!

Today we spent the later part of the afternoon trimming and ridding the patio of weeds. As renters, there are only so many things that you can do to a yard and a patio.
Our first step to a better patio was to rid it if all of the weeds growing between the bricks. So, we did just that. Next, we sprayed it to prevent the patio from regrowing the ugly , no-good weeds!
Here we have a before and after shot:

And here we are, my groom and I, celebrating our hard work!

Maybe it doesn't look like much, but we trimmed every inch of our fence! I think that we expanded our yard by 10 square feet, just by getting rid if some weeds!

Happy Saturday bloggers!

Tomorrow we have a day PACKED full of things to celebrate:
1. Christ rises from the dead.
2. Brunch with family who live
IN TOWN! (Jill, Russ, &
Addison) So thankful!
3. The Sabers will clench the
first series by 5:00pm.
4. Nate and I get to go see
the Preds clench the first
series of the playoffs and
we will be there to

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  1. KATIE OMG THE BRICKS LOOK SOOOOO GOOD!! Summer party- let's start planning!!!!!!!!