Sunday, April 17, 2011


in the previous post i added several pictures of our home that were taken when i was eagerly awaiting the day to move in with nate. i think that i went to the vacant house every single day just to look at it. now, let me remind you that this is not a home that he and i have purchased. we are just renting, but i am OBSESSED! it is just perfect for nate and me. we have it set up as a 2 bedroom home, one master and one guest room. we have one full bath. the other "bedroom" is our craft/sabres/office/laundry room. it sounds like a lot is happening in just one room, but it is PERFECT! the washer and dryer are in a closet so it can be hidden away for some peace of mind if laundry gets too over whelming, or it can be opened up and used for ironing fabric when i am feeling creative. nate and i each have our own side of the room, and he has his vintage buffalo sabres pennants hanging on the main wall with a buffalo, ny picture to remind him of home. so sweet. my desk has a sewing machine and some inspiring pieces of art on the wall with all of my supplies!

so, here are a few shots of our humble abode with some furniture and decor!

living room with our frames that i purchased on etsy... and our 42' flat screen (our first BIG purchase as a couple!)

since the picture was taken, we have hung 2 pieces of art from target with a matching frame in the center of the blank wall. our 16x20 canvas print from our wedding will go in the middle! i of course will add an updated picture wen we have that hung up!

craft room/sabres room/office/laundry room...

here are my supplies!

laundry... it is usually MUCH more organized but this was taken about 30 seconds after we moved in!

this is my side of the room and the washer and dryer are to the left of the desk. it really is the perfect set up for sewing projects!

this is the view of the room when you first walk through the door. we no longer have the MASSIVE couch that takes up WAY too much space. that beauty was donated to goodwill or "God wheel" as my students would say! we replaced it with a much more appropriate size futon for use as a bed when we have more than 2 guest staying the night! the vintage sabres pennants were given to nate by one of my friends who randomly remembered that nate is OBSESSED with the sabres. such a sweet friend!

more to come later!

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