Saturday, September 14, 2013

a typical day at the Kivett's!

Our Schedule:

6:15am - Mom wakes up to pump some milk for me for the day at school! 
6:45am Mom makes herself some coffee and lunch, showers and gets ready for work
7:15am Dad wakes up to get ready for work
7:45am Dad wakes me up and changes my diaper so Mommy can feed me! 
8:10am Mom leaves for work
8:15am Dad gets me dressed for school, gets my bottles ready, packs my school bag, and makes his lunch
8:45am Dad and I leave for school

9:00am Dad drops me off at my school, Harpeth Heights Weekday Program!

 I do fun things at school like finger paint, blow bubbles, play outside, swing, and go to music class.
10:30-12:00pm I usually take a nap.

 2:45pm Mommy picks me up from school and feeds me in Fellowship Hall in a nice comfy rocking chair while I look at the beautiful stained glass windows.  I usually fall asleep in the car on the way home.  Mommy carries my car seat upstairs, and I take a long nap! If I don't fall asleep in the car I nurse again when we get home and take a nap in my swing.
3:15-6:00pm Nap time!
While I nap, Mom pumps more milk for tomorrow and then cleans all of my bottles and pump parts, cleans out my school bag and every other day does a load of cloth diaper laundry!
 6:00pm Dad gets home from work!
We go on a walk every night with my puppy brother!
 6:45pm Mom makes dinner and we all sit at the table!  I sit in my high chair and play with my bowl and practice using my sippy cup. 
8:45pm  I get super cranky about this time.  Some nights I get a bath, but most nights Dad changes me and puts on my pj's.  Mom nurses me to sleep in the twin bed in my room and then Dad lifts me gently into my crib.  I usually wake up about 10:15pm cause I want a little snuggle with Dad.  He holds me in the rocking chair or bounces me on the exercise ball.  After that I sleep until about 7:30-8:00am!

Wees 21, 22, 23...24, 25, 26!

Age: 21 Weeks. August 5th, 2013
Weight & Height: I haven't been weighed in a long time because it's been a while since I've been to the doctor.  I go next week so we will get the stats then!
Tough Times: I was a cranky turd baby a few afternoons during Princess and Pirate Camp and then didn't take a nap when it was over so Mom was exhausted by the time Dad got home!
Exciting Events: I am loving Princess & Pirate Camp!  All of the kids want to play with me and love on me.  Mom says that I am building up my immune system! They are so sweet and VERY entertaining.  I was a little bit of a turd baby some of the afternoons but for the most part I was a good boy! Dad would drop me off and then I would take about an hour nap and then Mom would strap me in the ERGO and I would walk around with her and watch the kids play!
Things I Love: I still love the ERGO.  Some people think that a stroller is best, but right now I love being strapped to my Mommy.  If I am cranky or tired or my teeth hurt, Mom puts me in the ERGO and I calm right down!  She is a pro at putting it on now and wants to learn how to wear me on her back!
Looking forward to....I can't wait for my Grandma, Aunt Sandy and cousins Coda and Emmaus to come visit me!
22 weeks: Mom and Dad met 5 years ago!

Age: 22 Weeks. August 12th, 2013
Weight & Height: On Tuesday I had to go to the pediatrician to get my second round of shots!  I was not a happy camper.  I hadn't really napped all day and was exhausted from playing pirates at Princess & Pirate Camp.  Dad met us at our appointment (he has only missed one appointment since Mommy found out that she was pregnant with me = best Dad in the whole world!).  I weighed 15 pounds 5 ounces.  I was ____ inches long.  I am in the 50% for height and weight!  Mom is happy and feels good when the doctors ask if I have only had breast milk (Mom is not putting down formula Mom's but she struggled some with nursing me at the beginning and the blood sugar scare an the hospital was difficult so only nursing me is a big achievement!)
Tough Times: Shots.  They suck.  They suck for me and for Mom and Dad.  I did take a three hour nap after my shots and got very rested for my Grandma and Aunt Sandy, Coda, and Emmaus!
Exciting Events: Grandma, Aunt Sandy, Coda, and Emmaus drove all the way from Buffalo to come visit me!  They stayed at my house and it was so much fun.  I think that my puppy brother, Linus, had the most fun of all!  Haha.  I was a good boy and slept well at night and didn't wake anyone up.  We had so much fun visiting with them.  On Wednesday night we went out to eat at The Pharmacy and Aunt Jill gave Mom and Dad a swing to hang on our front porch for me! On Thursday we all hung out at our house and we made tacos and I played pirates with my three cousins!  Aunt Jill and Addison had a slumber party with us.  We all went to the zoo on Friday and then had Chick-fil-a for dinner.  I did NOT take a nap for Mommy when we got home from the zoo.  Mom was absolutely exhausted .  Sorry Mom! On Saturday we went to the Cumberland Park, Splash Park and I went to my neighbor, Anna's, one year old birthday party!  Mom hosted Aunt Jill's baby 'sprinkle' for baby Gray on Sunday morning!  She ate so much ice cream!  After the sprinkle we all just hung out at the house and took naps and then had pizza together!  It was a fun last night together.  Grandma and Aunt Sandy, Coda and Emmaus had to leave very early on Monday morning.  I was very sad. 

Age: 23 Weeks. August 19th, 2013
Weight & Height: Last week I was 15 pounds 5 ounces.  I don't think I have gained too much weight since then!
Exciting Events: I had my first day of school on Friday, August 23rd!I tried my first food: Avocado!  It was so delicious! I loved touching it and playing with the spoon.  I really wanted to hold the bowl but Mom wouldn't let me! Also, on Saturday night, Pop Pop, Mimi, Mom, and Dad and I went to the Falcons vs. Titans game.  I loved how loud it was and how bright the tv screens were!  I lasted into the 3rd quarter and then we went home.  Lots of firsts this week!

Age: 24 Weeks. August 26th, 2013
Weight & Height: 16.8 pounds!
Tough Times: This was a great week.  I am still learning about school.  I was a little bit hungry the first few days of school so my Mommy sent more milk and I was a lot happier!
Exciting Events: This was my first FULL week of school!  I go to school from 9:00-2:45pm Monday - Friday. I love my classroom and my teachers.  For this first week there was only one other friend in my class.  I got to be held anytime I wanted and even took some of my naps in my teachers arms!  I get to play outside on the playground, go for stroller rides, participate in music class, and blow bubbles!  I tried my 2nd food this week too: bananas!!  They are so sweet and slimy.  I would spit some out of my mouth so I could play with it.  When I finished the bowl I licked my high chair tray to get every last drop and then yelled and yelled for more. 
I went on my first boat ride this weekend with the neighbs!  We live on the best street and Mom and Dad love our neighbors so much.  13 of us went on a Pontoon Boat on Percy Priest Lake.  Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) were a nervous wreck on Friday night.  The weather was supposed to be in the mid 90's on Saturday and they were nervous I would get too hot.  The weather ended up being perfect and I even took a nap in my car seat for about 45 minutes.  The breeze felt so nice and Mom and Dad would rub a cold wet washcloth on me to keep me cool!  When we got home from the 7 hour boat ride I took a lil nap and then watched my first Georgia game!  I only lasted about 1 quarter but I spent the rest of the game wrapped in Mommy's UGA Snuggie!
Things I Love: I love eating.  I flail my arms around and yell the whole meal!  Sitting in my high chair is fun too.  Mom puts me in the kitchen with her while she is cooking dinner and I can see everything she is doing!

Age: 25 Weeks. September 2nd, 2013
Weight & Height: Mom weighed me on the scale and I was 17.5 pounds. 
Tough Times: I got my second fever on Saturday night.  I was very sad and cried and nursed A LOT! I slept in the swing for the next three nights and  then by Tuesday I was feeling better. 
Exciting Events: I tried my 3rd food: zucchini!  I loved it. Mom had made it a few months ago when they were ripe from my neighbor's (Marianne and Bridget) garden.  Then next food I tried was pears!  They were so sweet, I couldn't get enough.  Mom made then a little too watery so I was a MESS when I was finished eating. 
Things I Love:  I love going to school.  My Daddy drops me off each morning and I go right to my teachers.  They send a note home each day telling my mom and dad what I did at school.  My favorite things are music class, playing outside, and watching my teachers blow bubbles.  I am getting on somewhat of a schedule and even napped for about 45 minutes in my crib at school.  I usually take an hour to an hour and a half nap in the morning.  Then, Mommy picks me up and feeds me and I fall asleep in the car on the way home.  I take a long afternoon nap and wake up right before Dad gets home from work!
Looking forward to.... I can't wait for cooler Fall weather.  My Mom and Dad will not stop talking about how beautiful Nashville is in the Fall.  I am excited about hanging out at parks with them and watching them throw a frisbee!

Age: 26 Weeks / 6 Months. September 9th, 2013
Weight & Height: 17.5 pounds!
Tough Times: Teething, teething, teething.  Holy cow am I a drool monster these days.  I go through several outfits at school and even choke several times on my drool.  I am in good spirits most of the time!  Sometimes I scream out in fits of pain because my teeth hurt. 
Exciting Events: Food #5: Carrots! YUMMY!  I even had a bight of broccoli from Dad's plate one night.  I did a pretty good job "chewing" it up.  I am a pro at sitting up all by myself now!  However, I don't like being in one place so I quickly flail myself backwards and roll to where I want to be!
Things I Love: I love my walker.  I like chasing Linus around the living room.  He isn't a huge fan of me trapping him between the couch and coffee table.  I love sitting in my high chair while Mom and Dad eat dinner.  I usually play with a plastic bowl and a sippy cup full of water. 

"nursed over 2,000 times, 8 shots, 2 fevers, 57 bottles, 7 days at school, 14 trips to the zoo, 1 road trip to buffalo, 2 trips to ATL, tried 5 new foods, 2 teeth, 1 NFL game, 100 walks with Linus..... Being 6 months old = priceless!"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     Well, the time has come for us to travel down the teething road.  These past few weeks have been so very exciting.  Leland has been a drooling mess.  He puts everything he possibly can into his mouth!  He whines more than ever before and wants to be held constantly.  
     The drooling and whining started about 10 days-2 weeks before his first tooth came through on the 4th of July.  We couldn't see or feel his tooth until the day before it popped through.  I could just tell he was uncomfortable and in a little bit of pain.  As we were heading out to go see the fire works I felt his gums again and there it was.  A needle sharp tooth poking through his gums.  A wave of anxiety passed over me.  I was super nervous of him biting me while I was nursing him.  I have read that many people stopped nursing because their babies would bite them while nursing and the pain was too much.  But, my baby got his teeth before he was even 4 months!  I was no where near ready to stop nursing.  My nursing goal keeps getting extended even longer and 4 months was not it.  I have read about what people suggest you're supposed to do if your baby bites you so I felt somewhat prepared. 

I was suggested to buy these from so many friends who have had the experience of teething babies! They have worked for us....I think. 
This has been great too.  He loves chewing on this when it has ice chips in it.  The water from the ice leaks out and he sucks it down! This has also worked for us....I think.

Carrots.  Cold carrots.  These are awesome!  Most people and restaurants have carrots in their refrigerator and are usually willing to part with one to help sooth an adorable baby.  Leland likes chewing on these a lot.  The sweetness helps!  And, when Leland is finished with it and throws it on the ground, Linus eats it for a snack.  Win win! 

Baltic Amber.  I bought Leland's necklace at The Plaid Rabbit in Green Hills in Nashville.  There are so many websites that sweat by these gems! They are not for chewing.  You place them around the baby's neck and the warmth of the baby's body helps release oil from the amber that can be a natural anti-inflammatory.  Leland wears his a lot.  Many people allow their baby to sleep in them but I am still a little nervous.  He has never touched it and I don't think he even knows it's there.  Does it work for us? I think so....

So, these are the teething solutions that we use in our home.  Do they work?  I'm not 100% sure, which is why I said 'I think' for the items I listed above.  Maybe he's just an easy baby and teething doesn't bother him terribly. Or, maybe these items have helped.  I can't say for sure but, we haven't had to use any Tylenol or medication to help with his pain and he hasn't been in so much pain that he is up all night or cries all day.  So, we will stick with these methods until we need to add another to our list! Good luck to parents of teething babies!

Weeks 18, 19, & 20!

Age: 18 weeks, July 15, 2013
Weight & Height: My mom and Dad think that I weigh about 15 pounds, but I haven't been to the pediatrician in a while! I am definitely getting taller because Mom has had to put all of my 0-3month clothes away and now I am wearing 3-6 month clothes!
Tough Times: I have still been a little bit out of sorts with my teeth coming in. 
Exciting Events: We celebrated Mommy's birthday yesterday!  Dad stamped my feet in white paint and then cut out my footprints to put into a card for Mom.  How cute! Mom loved it.  Dad also gave Mommy some gift cards because Mommy wants to buy new clothes.  We went to church and I was an angel baby in Sunday School and then Dad and Mom and I all went to Opry Mills mall so Mom could try to find some clothes.  She only bought a pair of shoes.  I think that she wants to go shopping all by herself for some peace and quiet instead of with Dad and me!  We also went to have coffee at the Red Bicycle with her friends Nao, and Katie Bingeman.  Mom was so happy to see old friends! On Sunday night for Mommy's birthday we all went to Nacho's Mexican restaurant and then came back to our house for ice cream sandwich cake that Daddy made for Mommy.  On Monday, Mom and I went to have lunch with Keri (Mommy's old friend), her Mom, sister in law, and two kids.  It was a blast and Mom is always glad when she gets to see old friends.  
Looking forward to...  I can't wait for my two cousins, Lily and Madelyne and my Aunt Kristen to come visit for the week! Mom has so many fun events planned for when they are here.  Next week is Princess & Pirate camp at Aunt Annies house!  I'm so excited to go.  Mom is nervous about bringing me.  She has a plan, but she is learning more and more that the best laid plans can be ruined very easily when you have a 4 month old!
 Age: 19 weeks
Weight & Height: Still about 15 pounds according to our scale at home!
Tough Times: Well, I am still teething but no new teeth have come in.  I am a drooling mess and now Mom understands why some babies wear bibs 24 hours a day!
Exciting Events:  I had such a fun time with my cousins.  Lily held me and entertained me every second that I was awake.  Madelyne is so grown up and would help supervise Lily.  Madelyne was so patient with her little sister and was so good with talking to me and making sure Lily was holding me correctly.  On Friday night, July 19th we all went to the Full Moon Pickin' Party at Edwin Warner Park.  Uncle Robbie, Anna Claire, Laurel, Frances, Margaret, Aunt Kristen, Madelyne, Lily, and Sarah and Daron were all there.  We brought a picnic dinner and Mom and Dad drank some beer and we listened to some great music.  It was a lot of fun.  Mom and Dad had a blast and there were plenty of people there to hold me!  On Saturday we went to Cumberland Park and played in the fountains.  All of my cousins wanted to hold me while I was in the water.  I was such a good boy.  This week was also the first week of Princess & Pirate Camp.  Dad watches me in the morning and brings me to camp around 9:45am and I sleep until about 12:00.  The kids absolutely LOVED having me there.  I even met some of the students who are going to be in the Purple Room with Mom this year.  I wore a bandana and played pirates with the kids.  By the end of the day Mommy is absolutely exhausted.  We came home and took naps a couple of times. 
Looking forward to...

 Age: 20 weeks.  July 29, 2013. 
Weight & Height: 15.1 pounds. 
Tough Times:  I got sick for the first time this week.  On Tuesday, Mom and I came home from Princess & Pirate Camp and I was acting a little off.  Mom was calm at first.  I was sleeping a lot and eating fine and when we got home I was a little fussy so Mom took me upstairs to change my diaper and I was acting constipated and feeling very warm.  She took my temperature and it was 100.9*.  She didn't panic at first but then I was not putting any pressure on my legs when she was holding me on her lap and as she describes, I was acting like I was fainting.  Then she started freaking out and called Dad.  She couldn't get a hold of the pediatricians office so she called her friend Keven and he calmed her down a little bit.  Dad finally got a hold of Old Harding Pediatrics and they suggested that we come in for a check up to make sure that I was ok.  When we got there I was laughing and giggling and drooling and spitting.  They took my temperature and it was 102.6*.  Mom was glad that we came to the pediatricians office.  I was feeling better and they told her to nurse me a lot and give me some Motrin if I was very fussy and couldn't sleep.  When we got home from the doctor's office I slept for about 3 hours.  I snuggled with Dad a lot that first night.  Wednesday I was feeling better and Aunt Brittany took care of me at Princess & Pirate Camp so Mom would be able to focus her attention on the campers.  Wednesday night Mom and I snuggled and slept together in the twin bed in my room.  I nursed a lot that night and still had a fever.  Dad stayed home from work on Thursday and took care of me.  We went for car rides together and he brought me to Princess & Pirate Camp so I could eat a couple of times. 
Exciting Events:  On Thursday afternoon on August 1st Mom and Dad and I all went to my new school, Harpeth Heights Weekday to meet my new teachers.  Mom was so excited and I was a maniac.  I was screaming and yelling up a storm.  I guess I was trying to convey that I was so excited about going to school!

Looking forward to...  more Princess & Pirate Camp!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17!

13 Weeks:
"My Mom and Dad can NOT believe that I am already 3 months old. They keep saying that over and over. We made it 3 months EBF and my Mom is pumped about that! I am a thumb sucker and am still not too sure about my car seat. Sometimes I cry and scream until Mom and Dad pull the car over and come sit with me! I went to my second church service at TVC. I LOVE my activity mat and even tried out the Bumbo seat. Going on walks and looking at trees is a favorite of mine! My Mom and Dad are going to have super strong arms because all I want to do is stand up like a big boy! "

14 Weeks: 
"14 weeks old and still a precious little angel! I love standing up; I'm learning to sit up all by myself; I am a Velcro baby and love when my Mommy holds me; I am an excellent sleeper and have been sleeping in my crib at night for 3 whole weeks; I still like to take short morning and afternoon naps on my Mommy's chest; I went swimming for the first time and got to meet so many new family members! "

15 Weeks:
"I'm 15 weeks old. Can you believe it? Lover of: standing up like a big boy, walks at night, staring at the ceiling fan, yelling back and forth with Daddy, snuggling with Mommy in the ERGO, and watching my big puppy brother act like a total maniac. Loather of: having a wet diaper, being left alone, riding in the dreaded car seat, not being able to put everything in arms reach into my mouth. Cheers to the next several months of teething. I hope you're ready Mom and Dad!"

16 Weeks:
"I'm 16 weeks old. I am as vocal as ever and love screaming with my Dad. I participated in my 1st book club and game night with my Mommy. Aunt Brittany McKinney has rocked me to sleep several times this week! I am so excited about going to Buffalo and meeting so many new family members and all of Daddy's friends!"  

17 Weeks: "I'm 17 weeks old.  I got my 1st tooth on the 4th of July in Buffalo, and my second one came through on the car ride home on July 8th!.  I love 'chewing' on cold carrots, riding in the ERGO with Mommy, and laughing at Linus.  I have a kung fu grip and my favorite thing to grab onto are handles of coffee mugs that are sitting near the computer! I can sit in the stroller like a big boy but prefer to be carried home when we go on family walks.  I love when my Dad comes and gets me in the morning time and have gotten really good at giggling!"

Age: 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 weeks!
Weight & Height:  I got to meet my new friend, Colton
Mullen, this past weekend and his Mom has an infant scale, so of course my Mommy had to weigh me.  I weighed 13 pounds 13 ounces.  That was on Saturday, June 15th. When Mom weighed me on our scale at home I was 14.8 pounds.  That way of weighing me isn't always the most accurate but I am definitely gaining weight! My next appointment is on August 13th and I'll get an accurate weight and height measurement while I'm there!

Tough Times:  Well, Mom and Dad got to experience a teething baby 1st hand.  I am a pretty good boy and smile and laugh a lot....but man, teething is PAINFUL! I have not been myself these past couple of weeks.  I whine more often and want to be held all of the time!

This past week my Mom and Dad found out that my poor Nanny who was going to take care of me when Mom went back to work had a stroke.  She is doing better but she needs to have surgery in a couple of weeks and her right arm is still very weak.  Mom and Dad are looking at schools for me to go to.  Mom is an absolute mess and completely stressed out.   Dad is trying to calm her down but we all know that can be a very difficult task.  We went last week to visit some schools and Mom cried in one of the offices while we were on the tour.  I was a little embarrassed.  They are still looking for a place for me to go. 
Exciting Events:  I got my first tooth on the 4th of July!  No one believed my Mom when she told people she thought I was teething.  Then, before we headed off to the parade Mom felt my tooth! They are pretty sharp little suckers!  I want to chew on everything that i can possibly cram into my mouth!  Mom bought me a little strawberry, terry cloth teether that she keeps in the freezer and fill with ice.  I like chewing on that a lot and frozen freezer rings.  I think that I have 5 of those.  Our freezer is stocked.  Mom says it isn't fair for me to get teeth this early because I haven't mastered my hand/eye coordination  and I'm not always able to aim the object into my mouth.  It is very frustrating when you're in pain and try and try to sooth yourself but need some assistance.  On the way home from Buffalo, my second tooth poked through!  I have two bottom teeth right now, and I look so cute!!!

Week 16 I went to Buffalo, New York (finally!).  I met so many family members and got to meet a very special lady whom my Dad absolutely Great Grandmother Ruth! I played piano with her and sat on her lap and grabbed her glasses!  I met aunts and uncles and cousins galore! It was so much fun.  I met my Dad's best friends and even saw some of the city! I went to my 1st parade and saw some fireworks.  I wasn't a huge fan of the ear-protectors that my Mom and Dad made me wear but I wasn't a huge fan of them.  I liked looking at the fireworks and watching the parade. 

Mom and I went blueberry picking on morning with Brittany and Aunt Jill and Addison.  We even saw Chandra and Lincoln, Whitney and Palmer Kay.  It was so hot and I was exhausted.  Mom fed me in the ERGO and then I took a nice long nap.  Mom and Dad ate 2 pounds of freshly picked blueberries in a week! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 12

Age: Monday, June 3, 2013 12 Weeks Old
Weight & Height: I weigh 13.6 pounds according to Mom and Dad's scale in the bathroom! I am gaining so much weight right now and eating a TON!  Mom doesn't mind though cause she knows that it will keep me healthy and keep up her supply so she feeds me whenever I want to eat!
Things I enjoy: I still enjoy laying on my activity mat and standing in my bouncer.  I love riding in the ERGObaby carrier.  Most of the time I fall right asleep when my mom puts me in there! I am beginning to like my crib more and more.  I love staring at the fabric airplanes that my Aunt Jill made for me. 
Tough Times:  On Sunday night I gave Mom and Dad a run for their money.  I went to sleep pretty well at first but then I woke up around 2:30am and just didn't want to be put down.  Usually Dad can get me to sleep pretty easily....not this time.  Dad fed me 2oz that were left in the bottle and then Mom fed me on both sides and she rocked me in the rocking chair for about 45 minutes.  As soon as either of them put me down I would wake up screaming.  I slept for the rest of the night on my Mom's chest in their bed.  She told Mimi that she hadn't been that tired since the hospital! oops.  Sorry Mom and Dad!
Exciting Events: On Monday night, June 3, we celebrated Uncle Russ' birthday and went to Island Breeze.  Mom loved her food!!  Mom and Dad also tried to take me to a didn't turn out exactly as Mom planned.  Usually I fall right asleep in the ERGO.  When they first got there I was being a good boy and sleeping.  But, I woke up because it was so loud in there.  Mom stood on the side aisle and fed me while in the ERGO.  She was pretty impressed with herself!  It was a great place to try it out 'cause it was nice and dark and everyone was paying attention to the movie.  I was eating fine and sleeping but Dad wanted to give Mom a break so they switched and Mom went and sat down.  I just wanted to be held by Mom so I was super fussy.  Dad had to take me in the hallway because I was being too loud.  He lied to Mom when she texted and asked if he was watching the movie.  She was mad at him afterwards.  Next time I think they will get a babysitter for me!
Looking forward to: I am super excited for my 3 month birthday on June 11th!  And, I can't wait to go see Mimi and Pop Pop's house in Atlanta for Father's Day weekend! 
I LOVE playing with this monkey while I am getting my diaper changed!

oops.  this was one of the nights that I didn't want to sleep in my crib so Dad held me on his chest!

Front porch sittin' and sucking my thumb like a champion! I look like such a big boy in this picture!

Morning sleep time with Dad!

Week 10 & 11

Age: 10 Weeks (Monday, May 20th, 2013) & 11 Weeks (Monday, May 27th, 2013)
Weight & Height:  I had a pediatrician appointment on Monday, May 20, 2013.  I weighed 12lb 4oz.  I was 22.8in long! I am growing like a weed! My mom and Mimi weighed me on Memorial Day, my 11 week birthday, and I weighed 13 pounds!  My mom was so excited.  She gets very happy when I gain weight because I am just drinking breast milk and she feels very accomplished!
Things I enjoy: I love my activity mat.  I lay on it and look at the snow leopard that plays music and flashes it's lights for 20-30 minutes!  My mom puts me on the activity mat right outside of the bathroom door when she takes showers.  I am kept occupied most of that time.  Sometimes I get a little bored and yell and scream while she is in the shower so she hurries up, hops out, and scoops me up off the ground and feeds me.  I have loved having my mom home from work.  We have been doing a lot of activities together.  These last two weeks we have gone on a hike on Thursday morning's with the Bambino Brigade at Radnor Lake.  I get to ride in the ERGObaby carrier while my mom hikes.  It has been a lot of fun.  After we hike we go over to Aunt Chandra and Lincoln's house and hang out for a little while.  We have gone to lunch and then to the zoo with Whitney and Palmer Kay.  It has been so much fun.  I hope that we do this every Thursday!
Tough Times: On Tuesday, May 28th I was so constipated.  My Mom was so upset.  She was really glad that she was at Chandra's house while I was crying so hard.  We had all gone on a little walk and when we got back to their house I was in pain and my tummy hurt so bad.  I hadn't pooped in 2 whole days.  Mom called Dad at work and he left work early and met us at Chandra's house and took me home.  When we got home Mom and Dad had to stick a thermometer in my bottom.  It didn't hurt.  Mom gave me a Coconut Oil massage that I love so much and then I took a warm bath in the sink to help me poop.  Finally after a few hours, I let it all out.  Mom and Dad were so happy and I felt so much better!
Exciting Events: Mimi and Pop Pop came up to visit for Memorial Day weekend!  Mimi and Mom and I all went shopping on Sunday and Pop Pop and Dad went golfing. On Sunday night we went to BrickTops again! It is my favorite restaurant! Then, on Monday, Mom and Dad had a party for Memorial Day and all of our neighbors and Aunt Jill, Uncle Russ, Addison, and Daron came over! It was a lot of fun.  On Monday, May 27th I slept in my crib for the first time!!  I did a really good job and Daddy watched me on the video monitor every second!  Mom slept like a log the entire night!
sleeping in my crib like a big boy!

Everyone loves sitting in Mimi's lap!

Kivett family! (Linus thought we were all outside in the back yard to play with him so he wouldn't take a picture with us.

I kept telling Mom and Dad that I didn't want to take any more pictures but they wouldn't listen!

Pop Pop, Mom, and me!

12 pounds 4 ounces!

At the pediatrician waiting to get my shots.

I'm not a fan of my Bumbo seat just yet!

Dragon Park with Addison and Mom.

My first pair of jeans!

naps with Mommy!

Pop Pop and me ready for BrickTops!

all dressed up for the Memorial Day party!

Looking forward to: I am so excited to go home to Mimi and Pop Pop's house in Atlanta and meet a bunch of family!  I even get to meet my new friend Colton John Mullen while I'm there.  He was born on May 30th!  I am so excited to have a bunch of friend-boys.  All of my Mommy's friends have boys and she is SO EXCITED for me to grow up with all of them!