Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little touches

So, since we have been home from the honeymoon,'I have been trying to add small touches around the home to make it more "us"! I bought some Westie book ends that I am OBSESSED with. My parents have a Westie whom I miss dearly. His name is Dylan. When I went away to college Lindsay (my little sister) game me a stuffed animal Westie that I STILL sleep with, and yes I did bring him on the honeymoon!

I mean soooo cute, right?

Another bookshelf accessory that we added since the wedding are the bride and groom wooden cake toppers that my dad carved for me!


One of my favorite wedding gifts is this doorknob from Anthropologie from Keven Keller and his girlfriend Katie. We opened presents the night that we got home from the honeymoon and I was particularly excited about. This gift! Nate got right to work the next day and put it up. Since we don't have the biggest house, small touches like these are noticed! They make me excited about our home and a happy happy girl!


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  1. i'm obsessed with westies!!! i made matt promise to get me one soon...