Thursday, April 16, 2015

Words that I know at 17 months....

Leland is 2 years old now.  I made this list when he was 17 months.  It's amazing what 7 months can do for a growing boy's vocabulary!  Glad I write this down!

Mimi, Pop Pop
Warwrel (Laurel)
Oma (Great Aunt Anna Claire)
Juju, Bob (Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob)
apple (but he means peach!)
Up, please
Help, please
cheese (when you're taking a picture)
Bye, Bye
oh no!
uh oh!
eyes, ears, nose, mouth (pokes as he says each word!)
thank you!
go, go, go, go!
walk, please!
set, go! (ready, set, go)
ice, please!
MO! (more)
Will (our sweet neighbor)

Leland's 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated our little SUPERHERO with a big party surrounded by our family and friends. 

We had family from Arizona and Florida and New York and Georgia; friends from Alabama and Georgia and Tennessee.  We had old friends and new ones and great grand parents and second cousins and aunts and uncles and neighbors.  It was a party to remember and I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the weekend! We were so lucky to be able to have so many visitors all there celebrating Leland.  He had a BLAST! 

 I really didn't stress too much about the party and tried to make it "one-year-old-friendly."  We had a baby pool filled with balls and bubbles and balloons and old school crepe paper streamers.  We had kiddie snacks and delicious cookies made by a dear friend and homemade cupcakes!  He had a smash cake I was able to make with my Aunt Judy the night before!  He was SPOILED with presents and all the attention he could have ever wanted!  
 The day of the party could not have worked out batter.  He woke up at his regular time, around 7:00am.  We ate breakfast and decorated the house with Great Aunt Judy while Dada played golf with Uncle Bob!  Leland took a nap from about 9:00-10:30am, right up to the party start time!  He woke up happy (thank goodness) and was ready to play.  We dressed him in a superLeland cape I made him and he toddled his way to the backyard that was FILLED with all of his family and friends.  He had a blast playing with his new golf clubs and climbing in and out of the pool.  He loved knocking over the "buildings" with the Hulk hands and getting secret snacks from all of his older cousins. 

 He had a blast watching everyone sing Happy Birthday to him and dove right into his cake!  After cake we opened presents and he was being such a great sport!  He got so many creative and thoughtful presents. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from his party.  It looks like he is making a wish and about to explode with excitement! Plus, he's sitting next to two of his favorite friends!


     How is it even possible that my sweet baby boy is ONE YEAR OLD!  It has been 613 since I found out that I was going to be having a baby.  When you type out that number, it feels like a long time.  These last 20 months and 5 days have FLOWN by.  So many important changes and emotions have completely engulfed Nathan and me, and it has been the happiest time in our life.  
     Leland, you make your Dada and me excited to wake up each morning.  We eagerly grab the video monitor when the light of day enters our bedroom so that we can watch you sleep so peacefully, and if we're lucky see you staring directly into the camera awaiting our arrival into your bedroom.  You are  a little ball of energy.  We can't wait to watch you explore the world at an even faster rate, now that you're walking! You weigh exactly 20 pounds and are 28 inches tall!  You can rock a pair of skinny jeans and a bow tie.  You LOVE your binky and lovey.  You have the bluest eyes and blondest hair.  You haven't met a stranger and will eat ANYTHING that we put in front of you.  Your best buddy is your neighbor, Will, and love riding with him to school each morning.  You love reading books after your nightly bottle and when you want to nurse you point to your mommy and say "ne ne!"  It melts my heart.  We love your smile and your curiosity.  Your independence and your appetite.  We love the way you walk and how you say our names.  We are excited about the next year and ALL that will change.