Monday, May 20, 2013


     We are a cloth diapering family.  One of my friend's sister cloth diapers her children.  On a weekend getaway, I stayed at her house and watched how easy it was for her to use cloth diapers (with no washing machine, I might add).  It was intriguing, and I totally wanted to give it a try when I had a baby.

     Well, 6 months later, with a baby on the way, the decision to use cloth was made.  I didn't think twice about using cloth (and figured I would just be super positive and extremely excited for the 40 weeks of pregnancy to get Nate on board).  Nate and I are pretty environmentally friendly.  We recycle EVERYTHING and compost.  We produce about 1 plastic grocery bag of trash every 7-10 days.  We don't use paper towels or paper plates, plastic ware, ect.; we bring reusable bags to the grocery store and when we go shopping; we take Styrofoam back to the grocery store to be recycled (because the recycling center doesn't take it), and we try to reuse as much as possible.  It was a no brainer to use cloth for an environmental aspect.  Financially was another pro to the cloth diapering decision.  As a pre-school teacher, and Nate working at a school as well, we are not rolling in dough, as you might imagine!  So, saving money was also a HUGE perk to use cloth.  Not only is it environmentally and financially smart to use cloth, it is also so much better for our precious baby!  We try to use natural and organic products at our house for ourselves.  Why wouldn't we want to use the best for our new baby?  The amount of chemicals in a disposable that would rub on our baby's precious parts for 2 and a half years was not appealing to me.  Please refer to this site for loads of information on why cloth is sensational!

     I did a lot of research and figured out that we would need about 24-36 diapers to make life not crazy stressful with laundry.  I registered for about 48 Bum Genius and FuzziBunz diapers at Target and Buy Buy Baby.  I received 12 new Bum Genius All-in-One's with snaps and 6 new FuzziBunz.  I was given 6 used FuzziBunz (size large) and 3 Bum Genius Velcro with inserts.  The same friend who inspired the use of the cloth diapers also loaned me 6 newborn cloth diapers.  I was SET to begin the cloth diapering journey!

    I spent hours watching videos and researching everyone's way of storing, washing, and using cloth diapers.  I planned and planned and of course, like everything else with a baby, you won't know what works best for you until your little one arrives!  Here is how we cloth diaper at the Kivett's:

The bin that we store the diapers in is labeled so that other people who change him know where to find the diapers!
I store the diapers in a cloth bin from Target.

This bin works great because I lay all of the diapers stuffed, open, and flat, one on top of the other.  It is somewhat angled so they all fit nicely.  
This bin holds about 14 stuffed diapers. 
 The bin holds about 14 stuffed diapers and a few more if I squeeze them in! This is perfect because I rarely have all of the diapers washed and ready to go.  Also, he has outgrown the 6 newborn cloth ones that we were using and he doesn't fit in the 6 large FuzziBunz yet. 
Disposable liners, Antibacterial soap, Aquaphor, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, & Trader Joe's Coconut Oil.
This is what the shelf over the changing table looks like.  It is ready to go for someone who is new to cloth diapering.  Labeling is essential because putting Aquaphor or butt paste on a cloth diaper is recipe for disaster and it's better to be safe than sorry.  We use the coconut oil daily to keep his precious bum nice and smooth and it is also cloth diaper safe! He has had two pretty serious (serious in our book because we haven't really seen too many diaper rashes and we are new parents and I worry about everything) diaper rashes and we used the disposable liners and Aquaphor and Butt Paste and it cleared it up in no time.  The rash happened when we were using regular unscented wipes.  So, of course that led us to use...
warm cloth wipes.  We received about 500 24 washcloths at baby showers and I had to keep them all because anything with little duckies and monkeys on them are so cute.  We also received a wipe warmer as a shower gift.  Well, if you fold those precious washcloths in half and wet them, they are just the right size for the wipe warmer.  Now, when your already washing about 12 cloth diapers every other day, washing 12 precious cloth wipes doesn't make a difference.  They work so much better (for us) than the disposable wet wipes.  He hasn't had a rash since we started using the cloth wipes.  When we are on the go we use regular disposable wipes because dry washcloths do not get the sticky, mustard, curd-like, breast milk poop off of a squirmy baby bottom. 
monster wet bag!
 We use this adorable monster wet bag to store dirty diapers.  It has a zipper closure and it hangs on the nursery door.  Much to my surprise, it doesn't smell.  All of the research I did said that I should leave the wet bags unzipped so that there would be some airflow and let the diapers dry out a little bit.  I did not (like everything else I have been told and read about raising a child) believe that it would not make our nursery smell like a huge butt hole.  It's true.  Keeping the smelly diapers zipped into a bag is not a good idea, and you will pass out when you try to unload them into your washing machine to be washed.  

We use Publix Free & Clear for our detergent.  It is about $3.50 and we wash all of our clothes, Leland's clothes, and cloth diapers with the same detergent.  This makes life way easier, especially since we do our grocery shopping at Publix and it is often BOGO which I am a HUGE fan of!
I empty all of the diapers into the washing machine and then do a rinse cycle.  When the rinse cycle is finished i do a Hot cycle and add an extra rinse at the end.  We have a front loader so I make sure that the "heavy" soil button is selected so that the maximum amount is used so the diapers get clean.  I have been doing this for 4 weeks and I have not had any problems yet.  He is EBF so I only have experience with one kind of poopy! I am sure that once he starts on solids I will need and entirely new post! Once the cycles are finished I throw the inserts and washcloths into the dryer and then hang the diapers on these fancy hangers.  I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $6.00.  They are perfect for cloth diapers.  They hang great inside on our laundry room curtain rod and we are putting 2 shepherds hooks on our fence to hang them on so the diapers can dry in the sun!  The AOI diapers take about 12 hours to dry (at most).  It works best for us to wash the diapers before bed and hang them to dry and by morning they are all dry and ready to  be stuffed and put away.

I hope this helps, and as I get more experience and learn from mistakes I will update with more information!
leaving you with a reminder that poop happens and life will go on!
**all of the cute words and graphics on the pictures were made with the app a beautiful mess! check out their blog too!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 9

Age: 9 Weeks Old! May 13, 2013.
Weight & Height:Dad weighed me on the scale at our house and according to Mom and Dad's math, I weigh 12.2 pounds.  They keep saying that they think I am much taller.  I go see my pediatrician on Monday when I am 10 weeks old. 
Things I enjoy: Smiling; laughing; riding in the ERGO carrier with my Mom; snugging on Dad's chest; laying on my changing pad; looking at the fan; sleeping in my bassinet!
Tough Times: Last Saturday night I went to a cookout across the street.  There was a bonfire and it was a little chilly.  My Mom and Dad had me all bundled up, but I think that is where I got a stuffy nose.  They had to use the craziest  aspirator on me, the Snot Sucker.  I did NOT like it.  Dad was awake with me a lot of the night.  I slept in my car seat most of the night but then I wasn't very comfortable and just wanted to be held.  My cold cleared up pretty quickly. 
Exciting Events: This was an exciting week. 
On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day.  My Dad bought Mommy flowers, balloons, candy (her favorite), and a beautiful necklace that I get to play with while nursing!  He said it was all from me, how sweet! On Sunday we went to church and Mommy nursed me in the back room and Dad changed my diaper.  I don't think that Mom and Dad got to concentrate on the message as much as they were hoping but it was pretty successful! After church I was so sleepy from eating so much  that Mom and Dad went to brunch at BrickTops! Two trips to BrickTops in less than a week.  After brunch we came home and Dad put the TV in the bedroom and we changed into our pajamas.  The 4 of us snuggled in bed and watched movies and took naps all day.  Mom ate all of her candy that Dad bought her and drank coffee in bed.  She was so happy!  We all took a trip to the grocery store that evening and he made Mom her favorite meal, tacos!  Yummy!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Trying to get a good pic of a 9 week old baby and a 1 year old puppy is hard work!
This is how I spent most of Mother's Day.  It was wonderful!

On Monday I got to meet my Mom's students!  Dad took care of me in the morning and then brought me to school.  They were so excited to see me.  I slept the whole time.  Mom said that they were being so quiet while I was in the room! On Tuesday and Wednesday, my neighbor Marianne took care of me!  I was pretty good for her and took some good naps.  She sent my mom this picture of me being the happy baby! It made my Mom feel so good that I was being a good boy while she was at work.
On Thursday (my Mom's last day of work until school starts back in the Fall), Aunt Jill and cousin Addison took care of me.  I was a good boy and took lots of naps and played with Addison.  He is such a good cousin.  He is teaching me how to suck my thumb and he even fed me my bottle!  I think that we are going to be best buds growing up together. 
Addison showing me how to suck my thumb!

Addison is feeding me my bottle!
On Thursday afternoon, Aunt Jill brought me to my Mom's school.  I was so hungry.  She tried to feed me using the Medela nipple shield but I wanted nothing to do with it.  She tried without it and what do you know, I latched on just fine, like I had been eating this way since birth.  She was so excited.  The next two days we didn't use the nipple shield at all.  She is just keeping track of her supply and making sure it doesn't decrease.  She is worried about my latch and wondering if it is just right.  I guess no matter what, Mom will be worried about something!
I have loved standing up these past couple of weeks.  My neck is getting stronger so Mom and Dad decided to get out the bouncer that my Mom's friend Chandra let us borrow.  I LOVED it!  My feet don't reach the ground quite yet so they put books under my feet so I could stand on my own and feel like a big boy!

Looking forward to: I am so excited that Mom is finished with work.  We get to be with each other all Summer.  I think that she may do some babysitting, but I get to go with her if she does!  Mom and Dad are excited about my appointment tomorrow to see how much I weight.  They are not looking forward to some of the shots that I will have to get.  I can't believe that tomorrow I will be 10 weeks old!

Look at my little bottom!

Loving the baths in the kitchen sink!

Warming up with Mommy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breast is Best

**personal information about nipples and breasts (read at your own risk!) ;)   5/15/2013

     I probably should have started this post several weeks ago so that I could be sure to have all of the details fresh in my head.
     Leland is 9 weeks old now and we are nursing champions....we did it.   I am feeling like a proud Mama when I see his chunky thighs and wrist dimples.  We made it past the 6 week stretch.  We can nurse in so many different positions.  We nurse in public, sometimes with a cover, sometimes without.  We are working on nursing without the nipple shield (more on that in a little bit).  We smile and gaze into each others eyes and both breath a sigh of relief each time he latches if to say "we are a team and we can do this."

something to remember always

     I feel like I need to start this post the day that he was born...or hour 3 of life to be exact.  If you follow the blog or are friends with me you know by now that Leland came into this world via c-section.  I got to hold him on my chest minutes after he was born, but holding him for the first hour of his life and having him slowly find his way to my breast on his own was not an option like Nate and I had planned.  I was getting stitched up and Nate was having skin to skin time with Leland.  He was born at 2:59pm and I was re-connected with him about 5:30pm.  He laid on my chest and snuggled me and tried to latch on.  A couple of sucks were successful and then we both fell asleep.  He was a super sleeper ever since he came out.  Who would have thought that a sleeping baby could be troublesome to parents??  For the next 24 hours we tried to nurse him about every 2-3 hours, sometimes more.  Nathan and I would be so excited when he would eat for about 30-45 seconds! When his nurses would come in to check about his progress, we would tell him how long he ate and they would write it down.  About 24 hours after he was born the Lactation Consultant came in to visit with us.  She showed me how to hold him and how to hold my breast to help him latch.  It wasn't successful.  She went and got me the Medela nipple shield.  He latched on right away and ate for almost 5 minutes - this was such a blessing and felt like an eternity at the time!! It was the most wonderful feeling.  Now, the nipple shield.  Ask 10 different people about them and you will get 10 different answers and 10 different opinions.  They are supposed to be a temporary tool to help your child who has latch issues if the mother has  flat or inverted nipples.  Well, seeing as though mine are smaller than a pencil eraser, Leland needed some assistance.  Feeding was going "well" for about 12 hours after  his initial latch after the nipple shield.  It was about 3:00pm on Wednesday afternoon that he ate for almost 15 minutes...just Nate, Leland and me in the room celebrating the success.  We felt so great and thought we were finally getting the hang of everything! Then Leland decided to freak us out and show us that we needed to remain on our toes.  "Don't get too comfortable yet, Mom and Dad!"
     From the moment he was born we were told to watch for jitters of his arms and legs.  Not so much shivering like when you are cold more more uncontrollable shaking.  Wednesday night at 7:00pm the nurses came in for the shift change.  They were going to wheel him down to check him out and Nate was going with him.  We were "rooming in" for the last 52 hours and he was never out of our sight.  Nate went to the nursery every time they needed to check him out and weight him and give him the once over.  As they were wheeling him out of the room his arms started to do the "jitter" that they warned us about.  I asked the nurse if she thought that it could be his blood sugar.  "Probably not. We can check if you want us to and it would make you feel better," she responded.  "Yes, can you please check," I asked.  I felt like the dumb mom who is a worry wart and questioning the people who have been taking care of 100's of babies every day for many years.  Nate and Leland and the nurse came back.  His blood sugar was low.  Not too low.  40 is cause for concern and his was at a 38.  She asked us to feed him some formula.  AHHHHHHH. The dreaded word....FORMULA.  She might as well have slapped me in the face as she that.  "No." I quickly responded.  It had taken us almost 50 hours to teach him to latch on and drink for more than 45 seconds.  I thought that was the end of the breast feeding journey I had planned for.   

     Will he get nipple confusion? Will he ever latch on again?  Will my milk ever come in to feed my baby boy?  Is my milk not coming in because of my c-section? Maybe I should have been more active during labor so that I didn't need a c-section? I shouldn't have gotten an epidural.  That's probably why I needed a c-section, which is slowing the process of my milk coming in, which is why he is having trouble latching, which is why his blood sugar is low, and now I have to give him formula.  It's all my fault. 

     The crazy thoughts that can run through a new mother's head....holy crap.  Poor Nate!  I had not really slept but for about 5 total hours since Saturday night (it was Wednesday evening at 7:30pm).  I was so exhausted and someone was actually asking me to give my baby formula.  Nate and I talked and said that we would give him the formula using the syringe and slowly squirt it in his mouth while he was feeding from the breast.  It took us 45 minutes to feed him 8ml.  Holy crap.  The nurse was not happy that it took us this long.  "Why didn't you feed him all 10ml?" she asked.  It was about 9:30pm by this time.  They took him back and tested again.  His blood sugar was at 40.  Yay.  He just needed two more heel prick tests to be above 41.  She told us we needed to give him 10ml of formula faster this time.  So, we tried giving it to him faster.  He would choke and spit it out and I would cry and yell at Nate and get stressed out which really helped the entire situation.  Husbands (& partners of new moms) are real heroes.  It's unbelievable how sensational Nate was during this whole process.  Calm and collected, and polite to the nurses which was very beneficial that they didn't have to deal with two lunatics!  It took us about 37 minutes to feed him all 10ml of formula this time. They came back about 10:30pm.  Heel pricked him and his blood sugar was at 40.  I was very excited.  This meant that we needed just one more test.  Wrong  The nurse was not happy.  She said it needed to be high than that.  This is when s**t almost hit the fan.  She left is with 25ml of formula and a nipple to attach it to and told us that this is a serious situation and that low blood sugar can lead to seizures.  WHAT! I was the one who asked YOU about his jittery arms.  I asked you to check his blood sugar.  YOU told me that he was probably cold and that you could check hi "if I really wanted you to."   I told Nate he needed to get down to the nursing station and ask what exactly needed to happen and what we had to do to keep his blood sugar up.  Why was 41 and 40 not good enough?  She said 3 tests 40 and above and now 41 and 40 are not high enough.  Nate went to the nurses station and asked and she said that it should be much higher, like 50 or 60 or even 70.  The lack of sleep, crazy hormones, feeling as though someone was blaming me, being trapped in a hospital room, not having anything go as planned, and trying to raise a child were all making the situation much harder and more stressful than it actually was.  We "gave in " and let the nurse give him a bottle of 20 ml of formula.  They pricked his poor heel again and his blood sugar raised to 55.  Thank goodness! I think it was about 2:00am at this point.  We gave him 20 more mL about an hour later and they checked again.  It was up to 66. They took him to the nursery for the first time by himself and he slept there and they gave him one more bottle and checked again and it was in the 70's.  Nate and I slept for about 3 hours and they brought him back to us about 7:00am.  That was the longest 12 hours of my life...yes, longer than the 12 hours of labor I was in before going to the hospital.  He was checked out by our awesome pediatrician and he weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces.  She suggested that we offer him formula after he nurses until my milk came in.  We went home that day at 10:00am.  

     And so the real journey of breast feeding alone begins.  No nurses, no lactation consultants, no tests, no professional help.  Just you and the baby and your husband (and if you're lucky like me, your mom).  Nate and Leland and I got home about 10:30am.  Nate went to work at 12:00pm. I nursed Leland and then took a little nap while my Mom snuggled Leland and laid in the guest room with him and Linus.  Aunt Annie (my co-teacher,) came over around 2:00pm.  I nursed Leland and then I offered  him 10mL of formula.  We did that every time we fed him until my milk came in.  I had called my bestie, Suzy, around 6:00pm that evening and told her that I wasn't sure if my milk had come in or not.  She told me that I would know.  About 30 minutes later she was right!  It was unbelievable!  My breasts looked like a porn star! They were solid cantaloupes!  I fed Leland every 2 hours that night.  We only needed to give him about 20mL of formula after we left the hospital and I could not have been happier about that! He had an appointment at the pediatrician the next morning at 8:50am.  He had gained 4 ounces in 24 hours!  The doctor and nurses were very proud....and so was I! They told me to keep it that is exactly what I planned on doing! 
      The first 6 weeks of nursing are hard.  I think that my whole experience would have been easier if someone would have just told me that it's doesn't come natural to everyone, it will be hard, the first 6 weeks are like boot camp for parents, I should find a support group before you have the baby, I should find a friend or LC that I can text or call at any time to ask questions ( I have a Wonder Woman co-worker that I probably texted over 100 times!), no questions are silly, just because it doesn't feel perfect doesn't mean that I'm not doing it correctly, I should trust my instincts and follow my baby's and my heart's lead! 

     Leland was a sleepy baby and he would fall asleep while nursing 100% of the time.  Nate and I would try waking him up with wet washcloths (how mean are we), tickling his feet, rubbing his back....and anything other torture devise we could think of.  I went to a LLL meeting the Monday after we got home from the hospital, on his 1 week old birthday.  It was so wonderful.  I was a nervous wreck.  All of the wonder women there were so open and non judgmental and full of information they wanted to share! I asked questions.  I nursed at the front of people! It was awesome.  The next several weeks were filled with pain (in my right shoulder for who knows what reason), fear (was I going to get mastitis?), uncertainty (was I nursing him correctly? was the nipple shield hindering my supply? am I engorged? if I don't pump I could get engorged and get a plugged duct and then get mastitis?) These crazy thoughts went through my mind for about the first 3 weeks.  Week 3 for us was crazy town.  It was the hardest so far.  I did not believe ANYONE who told me, "if you can make it to week 6 you're golden." I thought that it would NEVER be easy or comfortable or natural.  There were days that Leland would eat every 45minutes... and one day I fed him 16 times in a 24 hour period!  When he was 5 and a half weeks old, I felt great.  We were getting the hang of nursing and working as a team.  Week 6 arrived and we had made it!  It really is true, week 6 is the golden week! If I could tell people to have one goal when their baby is born, just make it to week 6! I believe that if people can nurse exclusively until week 6 they will realize that they can make it much longer!  
      I know that not everyone feeds on demand or on cue.  We decided that this was best for Leland and for our family.  I was only going back to work for a total of 19 days.  Nineteen, 4.5 hour days.  Then, I would be off of work with him until he was almost 6 months old.  We felt that through research, listening to our hearts, and going with our gut that on demand was best.  Sometimes he would eat every 4 hours and then at night he would eat every hour.  It just depends on growth spurts and how he is feeling.  I got pretty good at trying different positions and relaxing and going with the flow that day that he ate 16 times.  It was Wednesday, April 16th, the day before I went to school for Parent Teacher Conferences.  I think it was Leland letting me know that my ONLY job right now is to take care of him and cuddle him and make sure that he is getting as much love as possible.  He will only be this dependent for so long, and I'm soaking it ALL in.  He was reminding me what is important.  The dishes and laundry and real meals can wait.  We are a CIO (Cuddle It Out) family at the Kivetts and we know that the love and cuddles he gets now will make him more independent and trusting of us later.

Whenever I get nervous, I read this and feel so much better!
      Today Leland is 9 weeks and 3 days old.  He refused the nipple shield while I tried to feed him in my classroom after the children had left for their last day of school.  He refused again when we got home.  Maybe it is true that they just work it out on their own.  We will see how this trend lasts and I will keep updating so that I can remember how much he keeps me on my toes.  He is constantly reminding me that he is in charge!  It is a sensational journey that I feel privileged to be on with him!
This group on Facebook is sensational.  I recommend that everyone who is or plans on nursing join.  They post real questions from real mom's and the community of people answering are so very helpful.  I would go through the questions and see if I could relate to any of them.  Reading 50-60+ comments from moms who are having the same struggles as you can be very inspiring.  

**images were taken from Breast is Best Facebook page. 

     Update: 5/19/2013
We have been nipple shield free since Thursday morning.  He has been latching just fine.  I am pretty sure that it is not the textbook latch that you see in pictures but it is working.  My milk supply is still up and he is gaining weight and neither of us have blisters or pain.  Hopefully this trend will continue and we can nurse more easily in public and maybe I can even get the hang or nursing in the ERGO!  That would be pretty cool!  
look at those trusting eyes


who wouldn't want to fall asleep during an evening snack?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 8

Age: 8 Weeks Old.  May 6, 2013.  
Weight & Height: I still haven't been weighed again so we are sticking with the 11.8 pounds. 
Things I enjoy: I still like my changing pad the most.  I love my activity mat, and smiling at my Mom and Dad.  I love when my Dad bounces me on the exercise ball (sometimes I make him bounce me for almost 3 hours at night time).  I like my swing now and will even take one hour naps in there.  This is helpful to the people who have been watching me (Pop Pop and Nana). 
Skills I've mastered: Smiling and laughing.  I copy faces.  I can hold a rattle.  I move my legs like I'm riding a bicycle.
Tough Times:  This week has been pretty sensational.  I gave my mom a run for her money when she went to Calypso Cafe with some friends.  I was just crying and crying and she tried everything until she realized that all she needed to do was change my wet diaper!
Exciting Events: I got to meet my Great Nana!  This is my Pop Pop's mom.  It was so much fun! 
meeting my great nana for the 1st time!

My mom and dad talk about her all of the time.  My mom sent her a weekly update of her growing belly the whole time she was pregnant and all of the weekly pictures since I was a week old so I was so excited to meet her!  Great Nana and Pop Pop took care of me for 4 days while my Mom went to work.  I was really good.  They got me on a pretty good schedule!  I would take a nap for about 2 hours and eat a huge bottle.  My Pop Pop would have me stand on his legs and do "squats" and "exercise" each day.  I loved it!  He said that my Mom was just like that when she was little and loved standing up on his legs too!  Great Nana and Pop Pop and my Mom gave me my 1st bath in the kitchen sink!  Nana said that my 1st bath in the kitchen sink was at her house in Cape May, New Jersey! I loved the bath so much. 

My Mom liked the sink much more than the tub because it didn't hurt her back at all! On Wednesday night we all went to BrickTops!!  I was such a good boy!  I slept for a long time and then just sat in my Mom's lap. 

I was so sad when Pop Pop and Great Nana left. 
Looking forward to: I can't wait for my Mom to be finished at work.  She just has 4 more days left and then I get to spend the whole summer with her! In a few weeks, we are going to go to Atlanta for Father's Day weekend.  I get to meet so many new family members!

i love my cloth diapers!

morning snuggles with my mom

napping with my mom when she got home from work

tummy time!

holding my great nana's hands!

4 generations!

soooo big!

i can hold a rattle!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 7

Age: 7 weeks old. April 29, 2013.
Weight & Height: The last time my Mom weighed me on the scale at home, I was 11.8 pounds.
Things I enjoy: I love laying on my changing pad.  I smile at my Dad every time he changes my diaper.  I also enjoy pooping immediately after my Mom and Dad put a new cloth diaper on me! I love laying on my activity mat that my Great Nana Linda and Great Daddy Woody bought me!
Skills I've mastered: Smiling at my Mom and Dad.  I have been known to laugh a little bit too.  I copy my Mom and Dad when they make faces at me.  I move my legs and "dance" when I lay on my activity mat, and I have found my thumb!!  My big cousin, Addison, is teaching me how to get better at sucking it. 
Tough Times: This has been a pretty calm week.  I tried to give my Mom a break this week because she went back to work on Monday so I didn't want her to be stressed out.
Exciting Events:  My Mimi watched me all week while my Mommy went back to work.  I was a good boy, but I made Mimi pretty tired each day!  I love the morning time still, but I also love being held.  Mimi bought batteries for my activity mat and I love looking at the snow leopard and watching the lights flash on it as it plays music.  On Friday after Mimi left my Aunt Jill and cousin Addison took care of me. 
This week I also got to meet my Aunt Suzy and BFF, John Weston!  It was so much fun.  My mom went out with Aunt Sarah, Aunt Suzy, and Aunt Brittany for Cinco de Mayo and drank margaritas.  She had a lot of fun.  I stayed home with Dad. 
Looking forward to: I am so excited to meet my Great Nana.  She and Pop Pop are coming on Sunday night to take care of me this week!

my Mom bought me a Linus Wubbanub.  I love it and it is much easier for me to keep it in my mouth!

My Mom doesn't like this picture of her, but I love it because I am giving her a big hug before she goes to work for the first time since I was born!

Mom is off to work for the 1st time!

here I am sucking my thumb for the 1st time!