Friday, April 22, 2011

Outside on Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and we spent it outside! Yesterday after work I went to Whole Foods and purchased 5 organic herbs: parsley, basil, thyme, mint, and dill. These were chosen based on the recipes that I cook the most often!

After I finished at Whole Foods, I wandered down the street to Anthropologie! I bought 3 planters for just $66.00. Some may think that is pretty expensive, but for Anthro, that is a steal! They are so beautiful!

Last night, also in preparation for Earth Day, we bought a weed Wagner to get our patio up to par for our summer parties!

This morning, while Nate was at work I cleaned the house and prepared to be outside for the remaining portion of the afternoon.

Here we are being married and enjoying Earth Day outside!

Yes, we have a swing set. No, we do not have kids!

Husband, Nate, cleaning up the patio!

All planted! They look very happy, sort of like how a girl feels when she puts on a pretty dress!

Dill for all of my salmon dishes and mint for fresh mango mojitos!

Parsley for garnishing!

Amethyst Basil! How sensational!

Now Nate and I are headed to set up our new composter and finish weeding the patio!

Have a wonderful day celebrating our EARTH!

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