Friday, April 22, 2011

Composting makes our world (my kitchen) a better place

I have been composting for about 2 years, thanks to my old roommate, Lucie. It reduces SOOOOO much trash! We also compost in The Purple Room (my classroom). Since Nate and I have moved in together there has not been any form of composting and I have felt a little disappointed in myself. I do not have a gigantic garden that requires composted soil, but I do have a kitchen that would like to smell better.

Today I was inspired, with it being Earth Day and all and I went and bought a ceramic compost bin for our kitchen. o was super excited and even organized under our sink to make an accessible spot for our new bin. When Nate hit home from work and I was telling him about my purchase, I realized that the small bin in the kitchen would be useless without a large bin in the yard. This large bin is the key ingredient on turning our veggie scraps into glorious soil! So, we went to Lowes and bought an outdoor bin for just $49.95. Not too bad!

So, I set the bin up and put it in the back corner of the yard now we just need some "brown" scraps for the bin. Nate and I will not have any problem filling the bin with "green" scraps with the amount of veggies we eat!

Here are out new accessories to our home and our conscious contribution to our environment on Earth Day!


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