Saturday, January 5, 2013

baby closet on a budget!

     Today I was on a mission to complete baby Leland's closet so that I could get all of his clothes in his room and out of the guest room.  I had no reason for doing so except that I wanted to, and since I'm pregnant I'm allowed to demand things like that, right?! I have been scouring Pinterest looking for ideas of ways that we could turn the closet into something functional for a baby that could grow with a toddler and so on.  Nathan and I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars at a store that specializes in organization and custom closets.  We don't have all of that extra cash lying around.  So, thankfully my parent's closet collapsed and they wanted to spend their money on a custom closet! They gave us all of the white wire shelves that had fallen down and Nate cut them to size and we designed the closet to fit our exact specifications.  The closet came with one long wire shelf.  We used two of the shelves that my parents donated to us and cut them to size.  We purchased the shelving accessories at Home Depot and spent $17 total.  We are pretty proud!

Step 1: find closet inspirations on Pinterest!

I knew I wanted two rows of hanging clothes and a spot to place baskets for pants, shoes, hats, pajamas, ect., because we do not have a dresser in the nursery!

I really liked the clean lines and solid wood in this closet.
  Step 2: draw a sketch for your handy husband so he knows exactly what you're visualizing because pregnancy makes it very hard to articulate your wants and needs in a clear way. 
I know that you're all jealous of my artistic skills!  

Step 3 & 4: sit back and watch your husband build the closet (in our case it is best when I am no where near the room telling him how I would do it in a more efficient way!) Fill your new closet with your puppy baby baby clothes and all of the things that you have been given and have no idea what do to with or where to store them! 
Here is the beautiful closet ready for clothes and baby items!

Our puppy baby was VERY curious about all of the crazy sounds coming from his future brother's room and wanted to check out the final product!

The finished closet!  I love it.  There is so much more space than I was imagining and we have so much room to hang more clothes!  Nate is going to add one more long shelf to go over the window to give us even more storage space!  We are also going to hang some adorable paintings in there to make it a super cute and fun space!
I am VERY happy with our finished product! Hope baby Leland loves it as much as his mommy!


  1. Looks great! Where did you get the closet organizer? How much did it end up costing you?

    1. We actually didn't purchase an organizer. My husband cut the wire shelving to fit our closet needs. Since we used existing shelving, we only needed to buy the accessories that cost us about $17 total. I found the wire baskets at TJMaxx and they were $6.99 a piece so I spent about $35 on the baskets. I'm still searching for more baskets!!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! it's totally full of donated clothes and he isn't even born yet! spoiled!

  3. We're doing the same sort of research for our baby closet :) What did you end up naming the baskets- for what things? I can't read what they say. Very interested in the organizing details! Thanks!

    1. I have a basket for pj's, pants, shorts, bibs & burp-cloths, shoes & socks! I originally had one for blankets but ended up changing that. Also, now that its getting colder I'm going to switch the 'shorts' basket to something different as well, maybe winter hats or something of the sort. When I was making the labels for the baskets I cut several extra for each basket so that if I wanted to change them I didn't have to find the paper and scissors and re-write it! In his changing table he has a basket of onesies so I don't have a basket for that in his closet. All of his t-shirts and onesie outfits are all hanging on hangers! Good Luck!