Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 2

Two Weeks Old!
Age: Two weeks old. March 25th, 2013
Weight & Height: 7 lb 15 oz.  20.5 inches long.  My doctor told my mom and dad that gaining an ounce a day is good work.  Well, I am an over achiever and I gained 12ounces instead of just 8! 
Things I enjoy: I am getting better at nursing.  I nurse about every 2-3 hours.  Sometimes I want to nurse every hour.  My mom is still getting used to this. 
Skills I've mastered: sleeping!I sleep about 3-4 hours a night.  It makes my mom and dad very happy when I do that! 
Tough times: I am getting better and better at staying awake while nursing.  I have realized how good the milk is and want to drink every drop!  I am a pretty efficient eater.  My mom is still nervous that I am not drinking all of the milk and she thinks that she will get a plugged duct or mastitis.  Everyone keeps telling her not to worry, but I can tell she is constantly thinking about it.  
Exciting Events: I wouldn't call this event exciting, but I got circumcised on Friday, March 22nd.  Mom was a total wreck.  Nervous as all get out.  She even wanted Dad to come back with me but my doctor said it would be best if both of them waiting in the room.  It was probably for the best.  I peed in the nurses face when she took off my diaper.  I guess I was just making sure that she knew who was boss.  Dad had to go to work that day and so mom was home by herself with me.  Everything was fine until she had to change my diaper for the first time after the circumcision.  The gauze was stuck to my penis and I was not making the situation better because I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  Then I pooped all over the changing table and mom really freaked out.  She called Dad crying and he came straight home to help her.  After that first diaper change the rest were pretty easy.  My Aunt Lindsay came up a few hours after the nervous breakdown my Mom had and helped out.  Both of us were so glad that she was there.  She even helped my Mom learn how to feed me laying down which is my new favorite.  Plus, it makes my Mom feel better because I eat a lot more that way!
Looking forward to:  I am looking forward to meeting my Grandma and Grandpa who are coming from Buffalo for a whole week!
Here I am meeting my great uncle Robbie and my second cousin, Laurel!

Cousin Addison and me!

skin to skin with Mommy, my favorite!

Mom and I wore matching outfits to Addison's birthday party! 

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