Sunday, April 17, 2011

our precious home

it has been MONTHS since i have written!

a LOT has been going on and tomorrow nate and i will be purchasing an IPHONE!!!! so, i feel it only appropriate to blog what i have been up to since the new year to "catch up" in blog world. i will be writing in SEVERAL posts so as not bore you too much!

since then we have found the most perfect home to live in. we were coming home from church one sunday afternoon, which i feel is the most appropriate time to find a home. i remember endless sunday's when i was little driving in the car with my parents after church "looking at homes" = getting into trouble with my little sister and being "restricted" to our rooms when we finally arrived back to our humble abode. we didn't see any houses for rent so we took a back road back to my house and there it was. a tan little beauty with a FOR RENT sign in the yard!

it was nate's turn to call the number and he spoke to a perfect southern lady named Daphney. we met her 10 minutes later at the house and shook hands and had a house! this was the end of january and my lease didn't end until february 28th and his didn't end until march 31st. but, we paid rent for february 1st because we couldn't pass up this "3" bedroom, 1 bath home.

here are a few before and after pictures......

i will add the rest of the "afters" on another post!

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