Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 6

big yawn!!

Age: Six weeks old.  April 22, 2013.
Weight & Height: My mom and dad think that I've gained a lot of weight but I won't be officially weighed for another 2 weeks. 
Things I enjoy: Sleeping.  I gave my mom and dad a present for my 6 week old birthday...I slept for 6 hours!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I was being a pain in the butt on Sunday night and nursed every hour starting at 6:00pm.  My mom and dad put me to bed about 11:30pm and I slept until 5:50am!!
I still love sleeping, nursing, laying on my changing pad, bouncing on the exercise ball, laughing and smiling, snuggling with dad each morning, and going on walks. 
Skills I've mastered: I now smile and laugh when my mom and dad talk to me.  They are the best parents ever! 
Tough Times: This past week was pretty successful.  Everyone was right...6 weeks really is the magic number.  Nursing is easier, sleeping is easier (for me and my parents), and my mom is allowed to take a bath and exercise now.
Exciting Events: I went to Edwin Warner Park with my Aunt Kayla and we all walked for almost 2 hours.  I was so good and got pretty hungry at the end of the walk.  I screamed the whole way home.  Good thing that we live close to the park because mom would have freaked out and pulled over.  She REALLY doesn't like it when I cry.  The longest that she has let me cry is 5 minutes.  It makes her so sad.  Dad doesn't like it either...especially when I have tears in my eyes when I'm crying. 
Looking forward to: I can't wait for Mimi to come visit again and to see Pop Pop and meet Nana in a few weeks!

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