Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 7

Age: 7 weeks old. April 29, 2013.
Weight & Height: The last time my Mom weighed me on the scale at home, I was 11.8 pounds.
Things I enjoy: I love laying on my changing pad.  I smile at my Dad every time he changes my diaper.  I also enjoy pooping immediately after my Mom and Dad put a new cloth diaper on me! I love laying on my activity mat that my Great Nana Linda and Great Daddy Woody bought me!
Skills I've mastered: Smiling at my Mom and Dad.  I have been known to laugh a little bit too.  I copy my Mom and Dad when they make faces at me.  I move my legs and "dance" when I lay on my activity mat, and I have found my thumb!!  My big cousin, Addison, is teaching me how to get better at sucking it. 
Tough Times: This has been a pretty calm week.  I tried to give my Mom a break this week because she went back to work on Monday so I didn't want her to be stressed out.
Exciting Events:  My Mimi watched me all week while my Mommy went back to work.  I was a good boy, but I made Mimi pretty tired each day!  I love the morning time still, but I also love being held.  Mimi bought batteries for my activity mat and I love looking at the snow leopard and watching the lights flash on it as it plays music.  On Friday after Mimi left my Aunt Jill and cousin Addison took care of me. 
This week I also got to meet my Aunt Suzy and BFF, John Weston!  It was so much fun.  My mom went out with Aunt Sarah, Aunt Suzy, and Aunt Brittany for Cinco de Mayo and drank margaritas.  She had a lot of fun.  I stayed home with Dad. 
Looking forward to: I am so excited to meet my Great Nana.  She and Pop Pop are coming on Sunday night to take care of me this week!

my Mom bought me a Linus Wubbanub.  I love it and it is much easier for me to keep it in my mouth!

My Mom doesn't like this picture of her, but I love it because I am giving her a big hug before she goes to work for the first time since I was born!

Mom is off to work for the 1st time!

here I am sucking my thumb for the 1st time!

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