Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 4

Age: Four weeks old.  April 8, 2013.
Weight & Height: On Friday, April 5th, 2013 I went to a place with my mom called 9 Months and Beyond.  There was a breast feeding class called Weigh-to-go-Baby!  They weighed me on the scale before my mom nursed me.  Then, after I was finished they weighed me again.  I weighed 8lb 12oz.  Whooo Hoo!  My mom felt so good after going to the class.  I ate 3.4oz on one boobie!!  The teacher there said that was great!  I was happy to see my mom feeling so proud.  Since that class she has become more relaxed when nursing which makes it easier for me too. 
Things I enjoy: Nursing.  I love laying on my changing table pad so much.  My mom and dad have 2 in the house and they keep one in the living room.  When I am crying for no reason they put me on the changing pad on the coffee table in the living room and I stare at the fan.  I love looking at all of the fans in the house.  This week mom and Linus and I have been waiting for dad outside in the rocking chair.  I love it when my dad gets home from work. 
Here we are waiting for my dad to get home from work!

Skills I've mastered: Sleeping, Nursing, and following my mom and dads voice when they talk to me! 
Tough times:  This past week has been really good. I have been giving my mom and dad a break and sleeping well at night.  I have started a new thing though that I think they are a little annoyed about.  I do NOT like to go to bed before 11:00pm.  Sometimes they try to trick me and my mom works so hard to keep me awake all day so that I go to bed earlier.  She is NOT fooling me.  My dad holds me from about 8:00pm-11:00pm when he is home from work.  I'm sure after a couple more weeks my parents will just give in and stop trying to put me to bed before I'm ready! 
Exciting Events: I celebrated my 4 week old birthday at the zoo with my Aunt Jill and cousin Addison.  It was pretty fun.  My mom nursed me in public twice while we were there!  She is always so proud when she does that and I am really good for her when I eat in public because I don't want her to get frustrated.  The zoo was pretty fun.  I slept most of the time.  My cousin kept telling me all about the animals while we were there.  I can't wait to go back to the zoo with him! My mom went to see an orthopedic surgeon (Dr. David Moore- who's son was in her class last year) and he checked her shoulder out and gave her a steroid shot.  Since then her should has felt a lot better!  Also, that same day I got to walk with my friend Lincoln and Aunt Chandra on the Greenway by their house.  I was not as good as my mom had hoped for.  I really like being held and it was a long walk.  I got pretty fussy about halfway through so my mom picked me up and held me.  As soon as she picked me up out of the stroller I felt better!  This weekend was fun too.  Mom, dad, Linus, and I all hung out together....just the 4 of us.  Mom and dad did some yard work during the day and I sat outside with them some of the time.  I was even good for them and slept in my swing for over an hour so mom could do some chores inside the house.  Friday and Saturday night we blew up the air mattress and watched movies in the Sabres room.  I was a little fussy during the movies but dad held me and mom nursed me whenever I wanted!  Then, in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday we all snuggled together!  I love the morning time and I am always so happy!This weekend I got to go to my 1st soccer game.  I watched my cousin Margaret play!  Mom tells me that I will be spending A LOT of time here - whether I like it or not!  Haha. 
It was a little chilly so I have my cardigan from Aunt Sarah on and my dad let me wear his hat because it was SO sunny and dad was worried I would get a baby sunburn!

Looking forward to: I get to go to my mom's school on Monday for a meeting.  I am pretty excited about that.  I get to be with Aunt Annie too.  I miss her. Also, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Eric are coming to hang out with me next weekend and I can't wait to meet Uncle Eric.  I hear he is pretty funny!

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