Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank You Dad!

     It's your birthday, and I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you.  Your days (and nights especially) may not be as peaceful as they once were and you definitely are not getting those 8 hours of sleep you loved so dearly anymore, but I won't always need all of those midnight snuggles and early morning play dates that we have together.  There are so many things that I am thankful for that I decided to make a list...

Thank you for...
~letting me sleep on your chest each night for about 3 weeks straight.
~waking up with me every single night that I have been born.
~teaching me to stand up in my crib....and bounce like I'm on a trampoline.
~giving me crawling lessons while Mom watched TV downstairs at night.
~picking out my clothes each morning.
~taking me to school everyday....and singing me the Billy Maddison "back to school" song on the way.
~changing ALL of my diapers when you're home.
~supporting Mommy 100% in her nursing endeavors.
~being patient while feeding me breakfast each morning.
~bouncing me on the exercise ball for the  first 9 months of my life!
~keeping me squeaky clean when you feed me.
~showing me how to use the knee hockey sticks.
~giving me a bath at night when I start to get a little fussy.
~taking me to the grocery store on Saturday mornings so Mommy can get some extra sleep.
~building me a Learning Tower!
~making me laugh when you jump on the bed with me.
~dressing me so cute!
~staying home from work when I am feeling sick.
~sucking all of the boogies out of my nose every time I get congested!
~letting me crawl all over you at night when we hang out together in the Sabres Room.
~always being happy to see me when you get home from work!
~sleeping on the floor in my nursery when I was sick at night.
~taking me to the doctor when I was sick.
~washing all of Mommy's pump parts before you go to bed at night!
~never wasting any of Mommy's hard pumped milk.
~being extra sensitive when Mommy is feeling like "her supply is low!"
~always holding me so sweetly when you give me a bottle.
~never ever complaining about taking me to school.
~teaching me how to use a video game controller.
~teaching me about the Sabres at such a young age.
~being so sweet to Mommy when I was on my nursing strike.
~always keeping the car seat straps untangled and ready for Mommy to put me in there.
~vacuuming the house each morning to entertain me and keep all of the dog hair out of my mouth.
~playing with me on the weekends when Mommy needs a nap.
~changing my sheets in the middle of the night the first time I ever threw up.
~ looking up answers to all of Mommy's questions on the internet when Mommy is freaking out!
~knowing how to wear me in the ERGO!

....I am sure I am forgetting some things, but Dad, I am so thankful for you.  I hope that you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and, just in case I need a bunch of snuggles tonight, remember that I won't be this little forever and I LOVE your nightly snuggles.


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