Sunday, January 26, 2014

My 1st Christmas!

     My 1st Christmas was everything that I hoped it would be.  Mom started off the season by decorating our house with LOTS of decorations and taking me to visit Santa Claus for the 1st time!  I loved looking at the tree and playing with a plastic Santa Claus ornament that hung on the very bottom branch.  I didn't enjoy the feel of the fake tree branches so I mostly left it alone and played with my fabric nativity scene and Christmas books that Mom has been collecting for me this past year!

     One day, it was very warm outside, 71*, and Mom and Linus and I all went to the playground to take some pictures for a Christmas card.  Linus was not cooperating and Mom was  getting pretty angry at him.  He and I both thought it was hilarious as Mom would wrestle Linus in place and then quickly grab the phone to snap a picture, just as I fell over and tried to grab Linus' paw as he tried to eat my Santa hat and I tried pulling on his reindeer antlers.  Needless to say, I was the only one on the Christmas card this year.  Mimi said that people don't care about when my Mom and Dad look like and they really only want to see me anyway so, I guess it works out. This is what Mom ended up with for our Christmas card! Mom LOVES my little curled toes and drool and tummy rolls.

     For Christmas this year we went to Grayson, Georgia and stayed with my Mimi and Pop Pop!  My Great Nana was there almost the entire time and I was so excited about that.  We played at Mimi and Pop Pop's house the whole time we were there.  Mom was planning on meeting up with lots of her friends, but we were having so much fun having family time that it didn't work out.
     We got to be there for a whole week which was so much fun.  My Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Eric stayed at the house for several days and even my Nashville McKay family was there for a few of the days.
    On Christmas Eve we all went to eat at Mah Jong, a Chinese restaurant.  Mom told me that they go every year on Christmas Eve.  I was excited for my first time.  I sat at the table like a big boy and ate my food and Mom shared her rice with me for the 1st time.  It was delicious! I sat and watched my family and talked and waved to people the entire meal.  I was a little angel baby and Mom and Dad were so happy about that!
    On Christmas morning Mom was the first one awake.  My Aunt Lindsay told me that Mom is always the 1st one awake.  They said that we couldn't wake anyone up until 8:00am.  Mom felt like that was too late and woke up about 6:30am.  She laid in bed with Dad looking at the video monitor waiting for me to make the tinniest twitch so that she could come scoop me up and wake the rest of the family.  We went and got Aunt Lindsay and my puppy cousin Avery first and then ran upstairs with Linus and jumped on Mimi and Pop Pop's bed.  I was so excited because my Mom was so happy!  We all went downstairs and opened presents.  My Mom told Mimi and Pop Pop not to buy me any toys because I already had so many.  They actually listened and bought me a fun wooden stool with my name on it and a coat hook with my name on it.  I love my stool so much; the letter "e" is my favorite! I enjoyed opening presents and trying to sneak some wrapping paper for a snack every now and then.  At one point I got a little overwhelmed and needed a nursing break, right in the middle of all of the chaos!

    After opening presents at Mimi and Pop Pop's we went over to my Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mike's house.  My sweet sweet cousins, Madelyne and Lily, were so excited to see me.  Uncle Mike cooked a HUGE breakfast and we opened a few more presents!  Madelyne and Lily gave me a little walking toy that I absolutely LOVE.  I immediately pulled up on it and walked across the living room.  I felt so free and proud of myself!
   My favorite present is the Learning Tower that Dada built for me.  He surprised Mommy and me on Saturday morning before we left for Atlanta.  Each year my Dada (with the help of Mom's emotional support and craftiness) is going to DIY me a Christmas present!  Mom has a lot of ideas that she send Dada from Pinterest! They better get pretty creative if they want to top this year's gift.  I love it already and I know that I am going to like it even more when I am able to actually help Mommy cook and bake each night! Here is where Daddy got the plans to build my tower!
    While at Mimi and Pop Pop's house, I had my 1st spaghetti!  It was delicious.  I loved the way it felt in my hands and they way that it tasted.  Linus kept licking my legs through the high chair and I thought it was hilarious.  During the actual meal, I was very serious about eating the noodles.  All of my cousins were watching and people kept trying to take pictures!  It was a lot of fun.  Dada loves spaghetti a lot and Mommy likes to make the sauce at home so they were both glad that I enjoyed it.

    One extra special event  that happens each year at Mimi and Pop Pop's house is the McKay Family Christmas.  All of Mimi's brothers and their families come over and brings a little dish and we eat together and hang out.  This is one event that we all get to be together and for most of the people, it is the only time of the year that we get to see each other.  This year we were missing three cousins out of 20 isn't too shabby.  We have added a couple of significant others to the group as well which makes it 23 and then I make 24!   I'm the 1st great grandchild!
    It was a wonderful Christmas filled with LOTS of family time.  Next year we will be in Buffalo for Christmas and I will be old enough to sled with my cousins.  Mom is already feeling a little sad about not being able to be at home for Christmas each year but she loves Dada's family so much.  I have a lot of cousins on Dada's side of the family as well.  There are 9 of us so far and we will all be together next Christmas for the 1st time! Mom LOVES the snow so much and I got to see a lot of it when we were in Buffalo visiting for Thanksgiving but I wasn't able to play in it.  Dada can't wait until I am old enough to teach me how to snow board on the same mountains that he would snowboard in high school!

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