Saturday, September 14, 2013

a typical day at the Kivett's!

Our Schedule:

6:15am - Mom wakes up to pump some milk for me for the day at school! 
6:45am Mom makes herself some coffee and lunch, showers and gets ready for work
7:15am Dad wakes up to get ready for work
7:45am Dad wakes me up and changes my diaper so Mommy can feed me! 
8:10am Mom leaves for work
8:15am Dad gets me dressed for school, gets my bottles ready, packs my school bag, and makes his lunch
8:45am Dad and I leave for school

9:00am Dad drops me off at my school, Harpeth Heights Weekday Program!

 I do fun things at school like finger paint, blow bubbles, play outside, swing, and go to music class.
10:30-12:00pm I usually take a nap.

 2:45pm Mommy picks me up from school and feeds me in Fellowship Hall in a nice comfy rocking chair while I look at the beautiful stained glass windows.  I usually fall asleep in the car on the way home.  Mommy carries my car seat upstairs, and I take a long nap! If I don't fall asleep in the car I nurse again when we get home and take a nap in my swing.
3:15-6:00pm Nap time!
While I nap, Mom pumps more milk for tomorrow and then cleans all of my bottles and pump parts, cleans out my school bag and every other day does a load of cloth diaper laundry!
 6:00pm Dad gets home from work!
We go on a walk every night with my puppy brother!
 6:45pm Mom makes dinner and we all sit at the table!  I sit in my high chair and play with my bowl and practice using my sippy cup. 
8:45pm  I get super cranky about this time.  Some nights I get a bath, but most nights Dad changes me and puts on my pj's.  Mom nurses me to sleep in the twin bed in my room and then Dad lifts me gently into my crib.  I usually wake up about 10:15pm cause I want a little snuggle with Dad.  He holds me in the rocking chair or bounces me on the exercise ball.  After that I sleep until about 7:30-8:00am!

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