Friday, January 24, 2014

Month 6 & 7

     Mom has realized these past few months how freaking hard it is to update a blog while working full time and taking care of me! I am actually 10 and a half months old now and Mom and I are just now catching up on my 6,7,8 & 9 month posts.  She still needs to write about my 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas; my first snow; update her breastfeeding and cloth diapering adventures.  She's very grateful that I still take really great naps so that she can get all of the daily household chores finished each night before Daddy gets home from work. 
     Now, to update you with how much I have been changing and growing and EATING these last few months.....

Age: 6 & 7months!
Weight & Height: I had an appointment and had to get some more shots on October 8, 2013.  I was such a brave boy.  I only cried for a second and then immediately nursed when the nurse finished!  I am still a petite guy.  I weigh 16 pounds 2 ounces and I am 25.5inches tall!  That puts me in the 5%!  Oh yeah!  I am developing just fine and I am growing, just on my own little curve! 

Things I enjoy: I am LOVING food.  Mom has made me so many different types of food.  Some of my favorites are pumpkin with banana, peas (like my daddy), green beans with some garlic powder, apples-carrots-cinnamon, sweet potato - pear, broccoli-apple, and sweet potatoes with cinnamon.  Mom spends about 3 hours on the weekend and makes about 80-90 ounces of baby food.  She steams or roasts everything and then uses the immersion blender to mix and puree everything.  Then, she freezes it all in ice cube trays and when it's all frozen, she separates them into Tupperware containers that have been labeled with sharpie marker on painters tape.  Painters tape is moms new favorite took.  She has notes all over the pantry door for meal planning, pics on the fridge, and has everything labeled in the fridge and freezer with painters tape.  Its easy to remove and doesn't leave any sticky residue behind! She also uses painters tape to label all of the frozen breast milk!

What I have been up to: Things have been busy around here.  I am still loving school and my teachers are amazing.  I have never cried at school and Mom is so happy about that! I don't know what she would do if I was a sad baby at school.  We celebrated Halloween and I dressed up as a cheeseburger!  My puppy brother was a hot dog and mom and dad were mustard and ketchup.  We had some friends and family over to the house and ate pizza and just hung out on Halloween.  It was very stormy and people were not trick-or-treating. One weekend, mom, dad, and I all went to Birmingham for a fun weekend with all of moms friends.  We went to a pumpkin patch and I loved playing with the small pumpkins and touching the stems.  I tried chewing on the rough stems several times, but Mom snatched them away from me.  My friends all brought their Halloween costumes and we dressed up for about 30 minutes, just long enough for my mom and all of my aunts to take some pictures!  I was a pretty adorable cheeseburger!

In September, I went to my first hockey game!  I loved it so much.  The noise and lights and people were so entertaining.  I was so good because I was occupied with all of the action.  Dad was so excited that I liked it.  Mom was excited that I looked absolutely adorable.  I wore a Nashville Predators shirt, my croched hockey skates, skinny jeans, and my Buffalo Sabres winter hat.  All of the people sitting around us wanted to take my picture and just kept telling my Dad that he is going to love to watch me play hockey one day! 
One morning, Dad, Linus, and I met Mommy downtown and watcher her "run" in the Color Run with her co-teachers!   It was fun and there was so much excitement that I enjoyed it.  Mommy ran the Color Run last year too when she was 20 weeks pregnant and wore a pink sock and a blue sock because she and daddy didn't know what I was going to be! How the times have changed!  After this race, she went to lunch and had to excuse herself to go pump in the car! I know that she does that a lot.  She brings her pump everywhere, just in case she will be away from me for longer than about three hours.  When it is longer than that she gets pretty uncomfortable so she just pumps and freezes it and Dada gives me a bottle.  
I also got to meet my Great Aunt Judy!  I went to Atlanta with my Mommy and got to hang out with Great Aunt Judy for three whole days.  It was so much fun.  She fed me a lot and played with me every second.  She even wakes up as early as me so we got to play together each morning! 

We had a little bit of breastfeeding DRAMA at the beginning of October.  I went on a Nursing Strike for 3 and a half days and oooohhhhh was Mommy sad.  I am pretty sure that we will tell you all about in in a separate post! It started with an ear infection and I had to be on my first set of antibiotics.  I was also getting my top two teeth in so it made for a VERY interesting weekend.  My Grandma and Grandpa from Buffalo were here and I was not the happiest of babies.  Thankfully they were mostly here to visit my brand new cousin, baby Gray, who was born on September 28th.  I am so excited that he and I are just 6 months apart and living just a few minutes away from each other.  I just know that he and I will be the best of friends!

The next few months got even busier as I became even more active than I already was.  Hopefully we can catch all the way to month 10!

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