Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     Well, the time has come for us to travel down the teething road.  These past few weeks have been so very exciting.  Leland has been a drooling mess.  He puts everything he possibly can into his mouth!  He whines more than ever before and wants to be held constantly.  
     The drooling and whining started about 10 days-2 weeks before his first tooth came through on the 4th of July.  We couldn't see or feel his tooth until the day before it popped through.  I could just tell he was uncomfortable and in a little bit of pain.  As we were heading out to go see the fire works I felt his gums again and there it was.  A needle sharp tooth poking through his gums.  A wave of anxiety passed over me.  I was super nervous of him biting me while I was nursing him.  I have read that many people stopped nursing because their babies would bite them while nursing and the pain was too much.  But, my baby got his teeth before he was even 4 months!  I was no where near ready to stop nursing.  My nursing goal keeps getting extended even longer and 4 months was not it.  I have read about what people suggest you're supposed to do if your baby bites you so I felt somewhat prepared. 

I was suggested to buy these from so many friends who have had the experience of teething babies! They have worked for us....I think. 
This has been great too.  He loves chewing on this when it has ice chips in it.  The water from the ice leaks out and he sucks it down! This has also worked for us....I think.

Carrots.  Cold carrots.  These are awesome!  Most people and restaurants have carrots in their refrigerator and are usually willing to part with one to help sooth an adorable baby.  Leland likes chewing on these a lot.  The sweetness helps!  And, when Leland is finished with it and throws it on the ground, Linus eats it for a snack.  Win win! 

Baltic Amber.  I bought Leland's necklace at The Plaid Rabbit in Green Hills in Nashville.  There are so many websites that sweat by these gems! They are not for chewing.  You place them around the baby's neck and the warmth of the baby's body helps release oil from the amber that can be a natural anti-inflammatory.  Leland wears his a lot.  Many people allow their baby to sleep in them but I am still a little nervous.  He has never touched it and I don't think he even knows it's there.  Does it work for us? I think so....

So, these are the teething solutions that we use in our home.  Do they work?  I'm not 100% sure, which is why I said 'I think' for the items I listed above.  Maybe he's just an easy baby and teething doesn't bother him terribly. Or, maybe these items have helped.  I can't say for sure but, we haven't had to use any Tylenol or medication to help with his pain and he hasn't been in so much pain that he is up all night or cries all day.  So, we will stick with these methods until we need to add another to our list! Good luck to parents of teething babies!

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