Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17!

13 Weeks:
"My Mom and Dad can NOT believe that I am already 3 months old. They keep saying that over and over. We made it 3 months EBF and my Mom is pumped about that! I am a thumb sucker and am still not too sure about my car seat. Sometimes I cry and scream until Mom and Dad pull the car over and come sit with me! I went to my second church service at TVC. I LOVE my activity mat and even tried out the Bumbo seat. Going on walks and looking at trees is a favorite of mine! My Mom and Dad are going to have super strong arms because all I want to do is stand up like a big boy! "

14 Weeks: 
"14 weeks old and still a precious little angel! I love standing up; I'm learning to sit up all by myself; I am a Velcro baby and love when my Mommy holds me; I am an excellent sleeper and have been sleeping in my crib at night for 3 whole weeks; I still like to take short morning and afternoon naps on my Mommy's chest; I went swimming for the first time and got to meet so many new family members! "

15 Weeks:
"I'm 15 weeks old. Can you believe it? Lover of: standing up like a big boy, walks at night, staring at the ceiling fan, yelling back and forth with Daddy, snuggling with Mommy in the ERGO, and watching my big puppy brother act like a total maniac. Loather of: having a wet diaper, being left alone, riding in the dreaded car seat, not being able to put everything in arms reach into my mouth. Cheers to the next several months of teething. I hope you're ready Mom and Dad!"

16 Weeks:
"I'm 16 weeks old. I am as vocal as ever and love screaming with my Dad. I participated in my 1st book club and game night with my Mommy. Aunt Brittany McKinney has rocked me to sleep several times this week! I am so excited about going to Buffalo and meeting so many new family members and all of Daddy's friends!"  

17 Weeks: "I'm 17 weeks old.  I got my 1st tooth on the 4th of July in Buffalo, and my second one came through on the car ride home on July 8th!.  I love 'chewing' on cold carrots, riding in the ERGO with Mommy, and laughing at Linus.  I have a kung fu grip and my favorite thing to grab onto are handles of coffee mugs that are sitting near the computer! I can sit in the stroller like a big boy but prefer to be carried home when we go on family walks.  I love when my Dad comes and gets me in the morning time and have gotten really good at giggling!"

Age: 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 weeks!
Weight & Height:  I got to meet my new friend, Colton
Mullen, this past weekend and his Mom has an infant scale, so of course my Mommy had to weigh me.  I weighed 13 pounds 13 ounces.  That was on Saturday, June 15th. When Mom weighed me on our scale at home I was 14.8 pounds.  That way of weighing me isn't always the most accurate but I am definitely gaining weight! My next appointment is on August 13th and I'll get an accurate weight and height measurement while I'm there!

Tough Times:  Well, Mom and Dad got to experience a teething baby 1st hand.  I am a pretty good boy and smile and laugh a lot....but man, teething is PAINFUL! I have not been myself these past couple of weeks.  I whine more often and want to be held all of the time!

This past week my Mom and Dad found out that my poor Nanny who was going to take care of me when Mom went back to work had a stroke.  She is doing better but she needs to have surgery in a couple of weeks and her right arm is still very weak.  Mom and Dad are looking at schools for me to go to.  Mom is an absolute mess and completely stressed out.   Dad is trying to calm her down but we all know that can be a very difficult task.  We went last week to visit some schools and Mom cried in one of the offices while we were on the tour.  I was a little embarrassed.  They are still looking for a place for me to go. 
Exciting Events:  I got my first tooth on the 4th of July!  No one believed my Mom when she told people she thought I was teething.  Then, before we headed off to the parade Mom felt my tooth! They are pretty sharp little suckers!  I want to chew on everything that i can possibly cram into my mouth!  Mom bought me a little strawberry, terry cloth teether that she keeps in the freezer and fill with ice.  I like chewing on that a lot and frozen freezer rings.  I think that I have 5 of those.  Our freezer is stocked.  Mom says it isn't fair for me to get teeth this early because I haven't mastered my hand/eye coordination  and I'm not always able to aim the object into my mouth.  It is very frustrating when you're in pain and try and try to sooth yourself but need some assistance.  On the way home from Buffalo, my second tooth poked through!  I have two bottom teeth right now, and I look so cute!!!

Week 16 I went to Buffalo, New York (finally!).  I met so many family members and got to meet a very special lady whom my Dad absolutely Great Grandmother Ruth! I played piano with her and sat on her lap and grabbed her glasses!  I met aunts and uncles and cousins galore! It was so much fun.  I met my Dad's best friends and even saw some of the city! I went to my 1st parade and saw some fireworks.  I wasn't a huge fan of the ear-protectors that my Mom and Dad made me wear but I wasn't a huge fan of them.  I liked looking at the fireworks and watching the parade. 

Mom and I went blueberry picking on morning with Brittany and Aunt Jill and Addison.  We even saw Chandra and Lincoln, Whitney and Palmer Kay.  It was so hot and I was exhausted.  Mom fed me in the ERGO and then I took a nice long nap.  Mom and Dad ate 2 pounds of freshly picked blueberries in a week! 

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