Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 9

Age: 9 Weeks Old! May 13, 2013.
Weight & Height:Dad weighed me on the scale at our house and according to Mom and Dad's math, I weigh 12.2 pounds.  They keep saying that they think I am much taller.  I go see my pediatrician on Monday when I am 10 weeks old. 
Things I enjoy: Smiling; laughing; riding in the ERGO carrier with my Mom; snugging on Dad's chest; laying on my changing pad; looking at the fan; sleeping in my bassinet!
Tough Times: Last Saturday night I went to a cookout across the street.  There was a bonfire and it was a little chilly.  My Mom and Dad had me all bundled up, but I think that is where I got a stuffy nose.  They had to use the craziest  aspirator on me, the Snot Sucker.  I did NOT like it.  Dad was awake with me a lot of the night.  I slept in my car seat most of the night but then I wasn't very comfortable and just wanted to be held.  My cold cleared up pretty quickly. 
Exciting Events: This was an exciting week. 
On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day.  My Dad bought Mommy flowers, balloons, candy (her favorite), and a beautiful necklace that I get to play with while nursing!  He said it was all from me, how sweet! On Sunday we went to church and Mommy nursed me in the back room and Dad changed my diaper.  I don't think that Mom and Dad got to concentrate on the message as much as they were hoping but it was pretty successful! After church I was so sleepy from eating so much  that Mom and Dad went to brunch at BrickTops! Two trips to BrickTops in less than a week.  After brunch we came home and Dad put the TV in the bedroom and we changed into our pajamas.  The 4 of us snuggled in bed and watched movies and took naps all day.  Mom ate all of her candy that Dad bought her and drank coffee in bed.  She was so happy!  We all took a trip to the grocery store that evening and he made Mom her favorite meal, tacos!  Yummy!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Trying to get a good pic of a 9 week old baby and a 1 year old puppy is hard work!
This is how I spent most of Mother's Day.  It was wonderful!

On Monday I got to meet my Mom's students!  Dad took care of me in the morning and then brought me to school.  They were so excited to see me.  I slept the whole time.  Mom said that they were being so quiet while I was in the room! On Tuesday and Wednesday, my neighbor Marianne took care of me!  I was pretty good for her and took some good naps.  She sent my mom this picture of me being the happy baby! It made my Mom feel so good that I was being a good boy while she was at work.
On Thursday (my Mom's last day of work until school starts back in the Fall), Aunt Jill and cousin Addison took care of me.  I was a good boy and took lots of naps and played with Addison.  He is such a good cousin.  He is teaching me how to suck my thumb and he even fed me my bottle!  I think that we are going to be best buds growing up together. 
Addison showing me how to suck my thumb!

Addison is feeding me my bottle!
On Thursday afternoon, Aunt Jill brought me to my Mom's school.  I was so hungry.  She tried to feed me using the Medela nipple shield but I wanted nothing to do with it.  She tried without it and what do you know, I latched on just fine, like I had been eating this way since birth.  She was so excited.  The next two days we didn't use the nipple shield at all.  She is just keeping track of her supply and making sure it doesn't decrease.  She is worried about my latch and wondering if it is just right.  I guess no matter what, Mom will be worried about something!
I have loved standing up these past couple of weeks.  My neck is getting stronger so Mom and Dad decided to get out the bouncer that my Mom's friend Chandra let us borrow.  I LOVED it!  My feet don't reach the ground quite yet so they put books under my feet so I could stand on my own and feel like a big boy!

Looking forward to: I am so excited that Mom is finished with work.  We get to be with each other all Summer.  I think that she may do some babysitting, but I get to go with her if she does!  Mom and Dad are excited about my appointment tomorrow to see how much I weight.  They are not looking forward to some of the shots that I will have to get.  I can't believe that tomorrow I will be 10 weeks old!

Look at my little bottom!

Loving the baths in the kitchen sink!

Warming up with Mommy!

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