Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 8

Age: 8 Weeks Old.  May 6, 2013.  
Weight & Height: I still haven't been weighed again so we are sticking with the 11.8 pounds. 
Things I enjoy: I still like my changing pad the most.  I love my activity mat, and smiling at my Mom and Dad.  I love when my Dad bounces me on the exercise ball (sometimes I make him bounce me for almost 3 hours at night time).  I like my swing now and will even take one hour naps in there.  This is helpful to the people who have been watching me (Pop Pop and Nana). 
Skills I've mastered: Smiling and laughing.  I copy faces.  I can hold a rattle.  I move my legs like I'm riding a bicycle.
Tough Times:  This week has been pretty sensational.  I gave my mom a run for her money when she went to Calypso Cafe with some friends.  I was just crying and crying and she tried everything until she realized that all she needed to do was change my wet diaper!
Exciting Events: I got to meet my Great Nana!  This is my Pop Pop's mom.  It was so much fun! 
meeting my great nana for the 1st time!

My mom and dad talk about her all of the time.  My mom sent her a weekly update of her growing belly the whole time she was pregnant and all of the weekly pictures since I was a week old so I was so excited to meet her!  Great Nana and Pop Pop took care of me for 4 days while my Mom went to work.  I was really good.  They got me on a pretty good schedule!  I would take a nap for about 2 hours and eat a huge bottle.  My Pop Pop would have me stand on his legs and do "squats" and "exercise" each day.  I loved it!  He said that my Mom was just like that when she was little and loved standing up on his legs too!  Great Nana and Pop Pop and my Mom gave me my 1st bath in the kitchen sink!  Nana said that my 1st bath in the kitchen sink was at her house in Cape May, New Jersey! I loved the bath so much. 

My Mom liked the sink much more than the tub because it didn't hurt her back at all! On Wednesday night we all went to BrickTops!!  I was such a good boy!  I slept for a long time and then just sat in my Mom's lap. 

I was so sad when Pop Pop and Great Nana left. 
Looking forward to: I can't wait for my Mom to be finished at work.  She just has 4 more days left and then I get to spend the whole summer with her! In a few weeks, we are going to go to Atlanta for Father's Day weekend.  I get to meet so many new family members!

i love my cloth diapers!

morning snuggles with my mom

napping with my mom when she got home from work

tummy time!

holding my great nana's hands!

4 generations!

soooo big!

i can hold a rattle!

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