Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unpacking & Organizing

Nate and I didn't waste any time trying to make our new house a home. Both of us were so excited about owning a home that we wanted to cozy it up right away!
We moved in on January 28th and I am pretty sure every box was unpacked and put away by January 30th! We spent every second after work cleaning, organizing, going to Home Depot (which is dangerously close at 1.2 miles away) and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Nate had his Sabres room/loft painted, organized, and decorated within 24 hours of us living in the house. I was super excited for him since our last house had one extra room that was a laundry room, craft room, and "man cave."

It is hard to get a decent picture of the room because of the large window that overlooks the playground, which I am NOT complaining about. We don't need any lights during the day because of all of the natural light in the house.

Nate's next task was his garage! He did such a wonderful job organizing all of his tools and now it is much easier for him to fix and build things because of all of his handy space he has.

This was a before shot of the garage.

Handy Nate working on his work bench!

Almost finished!

Painting the garage.

All finished!

Action shot of Nate and Addison playing hockey!

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