Saturday, December 25, 2010

wishes do come true.

Well, Christmas was perfect. I got a beautiful sewing machine that I am super excited about using! I will be sewing tulle skirts for my 7 flower girls and hopefully some goodies for my bridesmaids. That is what I have planned for thus far. I also got some fun items for mine and Nathans home. So exciting!

After I woke my family up at 8:00am and we opened all of our presents, we headed over to my older sister's house and had breakfast cooked by my amazing brother in law. We gave our nieces their Christmas presents and then headed home for naps.

My dad took my sisters and I to see Chronicles of Narnia. It was amazing and when we walked outside....wait for it.....IT WAS SNOWING & STICKING!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful. I LOVE the snow and how peaceful it makes everything. Lindsay and I went outside and made snow angels and enjoyed it for a few moments.

Now we are watching Despicable Me and I'm enjoying a Blue Moon with an orange!


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