Tuesday, August 3, 2010

homemade lemon almond ice cream

..i feel like that ice cream flavor is the perfect name to describe my summer, very fresh and fun, and absolutely delicious.

This has been a pretty sensational summer: I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching; I have gone on a week long cruise with my family and lover boy; I have laid by the pool for countless hours; I have spent 5 weeks teaching summer camp with the easiest and most well-mannered children in history; I have spent a weekend at home; I celebrated one of my best friend's engagement with an amazing weekend in Birmingham; I spent a whole weekend with my sister and 2 amazing nieces; I was blessed to witness baby Addison's first pool and lake trip; I spent an afternoon at Nashville Shores; I attended the most prefect wedding that was filled with more people who love of the Lord than I have ever been around - it was moving to say the least. This summer still has a few weeks left and I plan to live it up BIG!
I realize that the last time that I have written, I just finished planning Jill's baby shower. Now, Addison Nolan Hickman is 4 MONTHS OLD! I can not believe it.
He is almost too big for the car seat that we purchased for him. He smiles at you, talks to you, and my new favorite is his precious laugh! He is such a joy. Addison doesn't cry, unless it is 91 degrees at a baseball game and it is an hour past his bedtime. He is amazing. I love him!

Here are some more pictures to commemorate the summer!

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  1. Love it!! I can't wait for you to post all the time! xoxo