Friday, August 6, 2010

soaking in the last few weeks of summer

this past week i have been able to spend most of my waking hours with bestie burrito sarah wilcox (soon to be flory). we have laid at the pool, had lunch, grilled out, watched movies, and snuggle buggled.

this weekend nathan and i are going home to atlanta. he will be golfing with my dad and brother in law. nathan has been golfing every second that he can. on the bright side, golfing in nashville is pretty inexpensive, about $6 - $11 for 9 holes and about $18 for 18 holes. not so shabby. plus, it gives him a chance to relax and unwind - since it is quite impossible for him to do that with me....good thing i do not like golfing!

yesterday i visited Textile Fabrics and FELL.IN.LOVE. there were so many beautiful prints, my mind was racing with crafty ideas. brittany and i planned a skirt making day. she and i are going to each purchase 1 yard of two different fabrics and come home and sew up some skirts to share! oh the joys of having a roommate! Textile Fabrics inspired me so much that i asked for a sewing machine for Christmas!! hopefully i can learn how to sew a little bit better to make some precious and cheap clothing!

that's all for now -
pool shark!

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