Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow in Nashville!

It is Monday night and the snow is falling. I left class and looked up and all I could see was white, white, and more white. It was so beautiful! I immediately came home to check for school closings. No such luck. However, I had a relaxing night watching the Bachelor and doing a little crafting. This is what I have made thus far:
... a headband with denim flowers. I hope to make one with three black silk flowers like the ones from Anthro so that I do not have to spend $35 on an accessory!

Here are some pictures from the snow weekend that we had 2 weeks ago. It was so relaxing and peaceful staying in and enjoying the white beauty!

This past weekend Brittany, Nate, and I made dinner which consisted of bacon wrapped filets, with twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, and HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES (thanks to Martha Stewart)!

So, for now, I sit in my pj's and check the school closings while dreaming of having another snow day tomorrow where I can stay in these pj's and catch up on homework!

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