Thursday, April 16, 2015


     How is it even possible that my sweet baby boy is ONE YEAR OLD!  It has been 613 since I found out that I was going to be having a baby.  When you type out that number, it feels like a long time.  These last 20 months and 5 days have FLOWN by.  So many important changes and emotions have completely engulfed Nathan and me, and it has been the happiest time in our life.  
     Leland, you make your Dada and me excited to wake up each morning.  We eagerly grab the video monitor when the light of day enters our bedroom so that we can watch you sleep so peacefully, and if we're lucky see you staring directly into the camera awaiting our arrival into your bedroom.  You are  a little ball of energy.  We can't wait to watch you explore the world at an even faster rate, now that you're walking! You weigh exactly 20 pounds and are 28 inches tall!  You can rock a pair of skinny jeans and a bow tie.  You LOVE your binky and lovey.  You have the bluest eyes and blondest hair.  You haven't met a stranger and will eat ANYTHING that we put in front of you.  Your best buddy is your neighbor, Will, and love riding with him to school each morning.  You love reading books after your nightly bottle and when you want to nurse you point to your mommy and say "ne ne!"  It melts my heart.  We love your smile and your curiosity.  Your independence and your appetite.  We love the way you walk and how you say our names.  We are excited about the next year and ALL that will change.


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