Sunday, August 3, 2014

Month 11!


Age: 11 Months!  February 11, 2014.
Fun & Exciting Events: I took my FIRST STEPS when we were in Gatlinburg, TN for the Kivett Family Vacation.  I can walk about 8-10 steps on my own when I am distracted with toys in my hand or when Mom and Dad are encouraging me to walk.  I haven't taken off yet, though.  Mom and Dad get so excited when I take a few steps and they cheer and yell for me!

     Mom and Dad LOVE IT when people are so positive about milestones that children achieve and they get REALLY PISSED (can an 11 month old use the word, pissed?) when people are so negative about things that their precious baby boy is achieving.  Mom is constantly shocked when she tells people about how I am growing and what fun things I'm learning and their response is "oh you're going to wish that he didn't learn to walk" ; "just wait until they start walking then you're going to wish you never taught him" ; "you think crawling is hard? just wait until he walks, you're life will be over chasing him around." The same thing happened when I started crawling and pulling up on things.  It amazes Mom how negative people can be.  Well listen up people, having a healthy baby who can crawl and pull up and walk is EXACTLY what my Mom and Dad wanted.  They didn't want to have a baby to look at all day.  They wanted a baby that they could hold as much as possible, chase around, wake up with in the middle of the night to feed or cuddle.  They wanted a baby that would take up ALL of their time and attention.  That was their intent and I'm doing just that.  They're happier than they ever were before me and they understand that they will get to have a time when it is just the two of them again but don't want that anytime soon.  They constantly thank God for giving them a healthy baby that is energetic and loud and an absolute maniac who is growing and learning to do all of the things he's supposed to be learning.  They're also sick of the negative comments that they get from people.  If you are going to say something to someone who has a baby or who is pregnant, you better be nothing but positive.  The just wait comments are not helpful and should just be kept to yourself. 
Meal Time: I am a fantastic eater! I eat almost everything that mom and dad put in front of me.  Mom is getting less and less anxious about me choking!  I usually eat mostly fruits and vegetables.  I love yogurt with granola, oatmeal, and fruit for breakfast.  I am not a huge meat eater.  Mom and Dad keep trying every time they eat meat and I usually take one or two bites and that's about all.  I love fish and Mom makes that a lot.  Mom and Dad usually give me exactly what they are having for dinner.  Mom has adjusted her cooking so that dinner isn't prepared as spicy and she and Dada like it.  Now, they just add some hot sauce to their meals once it's prepared!
Sleep Time: I am a terrific sleeper, according to Mom and Dad.  I usually wake up three or four times in the hour or two after they put me in my crib.  They usually just pat my back and hand me my binky as soon as I start crying and I fall right back to sleep.  I still take two naps each day.  One nap is usually from 12:30-2:30 and my second nap is from 4:30/5:00-6:00pm.  People are sometimes stunned that I still take two naps, however, when I am awake I NEVER stop moving!  I crawl and cruise and pull-up EVERYWHERE!  Mom and Dada love my high energy personality and get very excited when they think about me walking! So soon guys, just wait! 
Mom is my 1st Valentine!

Valentine's Day date with mom and Dad!

Happy 2nd Birthday John Weston! 

Eating lunch naked as usual!

Family time in Gatlinburg, TN!

Almost all of my cousins on Dada's side (we miss you Brighid)!

1 year old school pics!

My 1st Burger!

A day with my 2nd cousins!

Getting a bird's eye view of the fish in the pond at Edwin Warner Park!

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