Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nursery Accessories

     I have been trying very hard this week to find some nursery inspiration for a little boy's nursery.  I have found a few rooms that were absolutely adorable.  I am finding that I like soft color pallets with pops of bright colors for either a boy or a girl. 

   It is just so much fun searching for girl nurseries! Here are some things that I would LOVE to have in the nursery:

1. A Rocking Scooter! (Nate could definitely craft this) 2. Stacking dolls that are made from blocks of wood, paper printouts, and modge podge.  This will happen if it is a boy or a girl! 3. A precious little elephant book holder. I love rooms full of books and you can be sure that LBK will have a room filled to the ceiling with books! 4. "I AM A CHILD OF GOD."  I want this print for either a girl or a boy (different colors for a boy)  5. I know this doesn't belong in a nursery, but how adorable is this highchair! We're not planning on getting a highchair, but if I see a vintage one like this at a yard sale or thrift store, I could paint a fun color I night snag it.  6. Nate is an excellent golfer and I would LOVE a golf cart rocker if we have a little boy.  7. I bought one of these garden planters at a yard sale for $3 this weekend.  Perfect to hold stuffed animal "reading buddies" next to the IKEA book shelves. 8. If LBK is a little girl, I am definitely going to frame some fabric with embroidery rings to add some color to the grey walls.  

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