Friday, September 3, 2010

skirt making party!!!

A couple of weeks ago, some girls (Brittany, Kayla, Julia, Robin, and myself) met each other at Textile Fabrics. We all chose a few fabrics that we adored...I could have left with a thousand dollars in fabric. This store is absolutely amazing. And since blogs are about not holding anything back, I am excited about having a child (whenever that may come) just so that I can make absolutely adorable clothing for him/her. Now back to skirt making....we all chose some fabrics and came back to our house and made a few skirts, aprons, and even a dress! It was a totally successful day; we all were a little bit frustrated at one point or another, we all learned something...well, a LOT of things about sewing, and made a ton of mistakes, but it was one of the best days...EVER! I was driving home from the fabric store and I could have cried I was so thankful to have these girls as friends. Here are some results:

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